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    Branded Content

    Branded content is marketing collateral — such as articles, videos, social posts, or webinars — that aligns with a brand’s style guidelines and includes the brand’s logo, tagline, or other identifying elements.

    What Is Branded Content?

    Branded content is critical to any modern marketing approach, especially in the ecommerce space. These kinds of materials — which can include articles, social posts, videos, images, webinars, landing page copy, infographics, and more — represent the brand and likely promote a brand-aligned product, solution, or idea.

    Either a business or a representative of the business (such as an influencer) can create branded content. In either case, the content typically conveys more than just advertorial product promotion. It usually taps into a consumer need, providing storytelling or information that delivers a solution to that need.

    Branded content campaigns help turn transaction-oriented customer engagement into full brand experiences. They’re an opportunity for brands to convey their personality and values, while connecting with consumers on the channels and through the content they prefer most. Because branded content isn’t typically overly “salesy,” it promotes trust and loyalty with customers.

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