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    Brand Harmonization

    Brand harmonization occurs when all elements that represent a brand’s identity — including its marketing materials, product content, and more — are synced across all sales channels.

    What Is Brand Harmonization?

    Establishing a strong, cohesive, consistent brand identity is critical for businesses that want to stand out among their ecommerce competition. The goal? Brand harmonization. This is when all of the elements that compose a brand’s identity — marketing materials, product details, content, logos, design elements, and more — are perfectly synced across all market areas and sales channels.

    Brand harmonization is the goal for many brands because it facilitates a cohesive brand experience for customers. As a customer moves from the brand’s social presence, to its website, to its mobile app, they need consistent information about product prices, brand personality, and item availability (among other details) to make informed purchasing decisions.

    Having inconsistent brand identity markers across these channels risks turning customers away from their shopping journeys. That’s why most brands use a content management system to ensure marketing materials stay organized and consistent everywhere they’re present.

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