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    Behavioral Targeting

    What is behavioral targeting? Behavioral targeting is a marketing technique that uses a shopper’s activities, demographics, and interests to determine what kinds of ads might resonate with them most.

    What Is Behavioral Targeting?

    Behavioral targeting is a method of identifying, personalizing, and customizing marketing tactics toward a specific group’s or person’s interests, needs, wants, or identity. 

    To learn their customers’ identities, businesses leverage behavioral data, such as how people are engaging with a website or app; where they live; what their gender, age, or income level is; what products or services they’ve previously bought; or which marketing or advertorial campaigns they’ve previously engaged with. 

    All of this data helps businesses make informed decisions about what their customers might be interested in. Then, they can use that information to create ads and marketing materials that directly hone in on those interests — with the goal of attracting, retaining, and converting new or repeat customers. 

    Because this process requires a strong data-gathering infrastructure, businesses that are successful with behavioral targeting typically use systems that help them collect, organize, and glean insights from consumer behavior.

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