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    Amazon Buy Box

    The Amazon Buy Box is a box on the right side of a product detail page that allows customers to add products to their cart by clicking a button.

    What Is the Amazon Buy Box?

    The vast majority of Amazon sales are conducted through the Amazon Buy Box button, as it gives customers a quick, easy, and seamless way to purchase products. Because it’s such a vital selling opportunity, Amazon sellers compete to win Amazon Buy Box placement.

    Amazon uses a performance-based algorithm to determine which product within a series of similar items wins this coveted spot. The algorithm considers a product’s fulfillment method, landed price (the price including shipping costs), shipping time, stock availability, order defect rate, customer response time, and other factors.

    These factors all influence the type of customer experience the business offers, so sellers who create exceptional shopping experiences and generate high customer satisfaction are likely to win the Amazon Buy Box placement.

    Sellers who consistently measure and optimize their customer experience are likely to rank higher in the Amazon algorithm. Managing inventory, responding to reviews, and avoiding stockouts are all critical factors.

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