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At the Whiteboard: Is Your Data Fast Enough for Ecommerce?

How to Win Online With An Effective Ecommerce Team

New Data: What Holiday 2018 Keyword Opportunities is Your Brand Missing?

How to Determine (and Deliver) Marketing Content End Consumers are Looking For

Conversational Marketing at the Point of Purchase Can Drive Better Shopping Experiences

Alibaba’s 10th Single’s Day Encourages Brands to Reach New Global Customers

Digital Commerce Trends for 2019 | Salsify

B2B Manufacturers: How to Create and Manage Content for Multiple Audiences in a Digital World

How to Adapt to the Shift in B2B Commerce

How Renfro Embraced Digital Transformation to Meet the Demands of Modern Commerce

5 Predictions from #groceryshop2018 about Ecommerce

5 Actionable Ecommerce Analytics | Salsify

How CPG Brands and Retailers Can Break Down Barriers to Win the Digital Shelf

How Winning Brands are Leveraging Enhanced Content to Boost Conversions

7 Common Roadblocks to Winning Market Share

Amazon A+ Content for Suppliers | Salsify

How to Create Short-Form Content for the Digital Consumer

How to maximize digital impulse sales for the holidays

Pick-Up In-Store E-Commerce Strategy | Salsify

New Data: How Leading Brands Transform to Win Market Share

How to Use Enhanced Product Content [VIDEO] | Salsify

What Amazon's B2B Push Means for Traditional Sales Channels

Olá Lisboa e Olá Europe! As Salsify Grows, We Launch an EMEA Office

Getting Started: What to Consider When Launching a DTC Site

5 Best Practices to Improve Your Product Detail Pages to Improve Holiday Sales

How to Improve Conversions on Your Retailers' Product Pages

Components of Product Experience Management | Salsify

Ask An Expert: 5 Steps to Take for a Successful Project

How CPG Brands Can Win Online Amid Growing Modern Commerce Pressures

5 Takeaways from B2B Next 2018

Walmart Connected Content Partner Program | Salsify

5 Ecommerce KPIs Every Digital Leader Should Know | Salsify

How to prepare your digital commerce strategy for voice technology

Build Your Best Holiday Strike Team

Amazon Tips for Electronics Manufacturers | Salsify

Gerson Companies Leader Shares Secrets to Winning Your Category Online

A/B Testing on The Digital Shelf: At The Whiteboard

The ROI of PXM: Using PIM, Syndication and Analytics to Transform Your Digital Business

What you need to know: Holiday 2018 Amazon Lightning Deals due September 21

The Sales Impact of Product Content

Ask an Expert: How a D2C Site Enables Growth

Holiday Ecommerce Checklist: Getting product pages ready for the rush

5 Ways to Use Digital Catalogs

Customer Reviews are Crucial to Successful Beauty & Personal Care Products on Amazon

How I Did It: Eaton Lighting Empowers Sales Team & Customers with Digital Catalogs

Five Tips to Create a More Personalized Shopping Experience

How Gerson Fueled 77% YoY Digital Sales Growth & Expanded Retailers Orders

What Are the Requirements of a Modern PIM System?

4 Common PIM Pitfalls and How to Overcome Them

Five Things You Need to Know About Augmented Reality

What can Traditional Brands do to Compete with Digitally Native Vertical Brands?

The New B2B Consumer: At The Whiteboard

How Soft-Tex®’s Director of Digital Marketing Won New Business & Fueled Growth

How to Drive Adoption of Digital Change at Your Organization

Getting started on Amazon Marketplace

Acceleration and Expansion: Announcing our $43 Million Series D Funding

At The Whiteboard: The Importance of Continual Optimization on the Digital Shelf

How I Did It: Califia Farms grows ecommerce sales with better content on its DTC site

New Report: Improved product content leads to higher sales

Another Record Breaking Prime Day: What You Need to Know

How to win grocery on Amazon

4 ways to win the Amazon Buy Box

Five Tips From A Salsify Expert: Driving Efficiency in the Digital Age

How Insights Fueled a 15% Improvement in ShurTech’s Amazon Sales Rank

How to prepare your digital shelf for better holiday sales

Is Your PIM Flexible Enough for Modern Commerce?

Is Influencer Marketing Declining or Transitioning?

Drive sales conversion with 360-degree product views and other rich media

How ShurTech Improved Sales Rank by 15% on Amazon in 4 Months

B2B Brands are Turning to Amazon Business. Should you?

What your ad team must change to survive the digital shift

How to use Amazon Prime Day to drive sales and learning

How I Did It: Tayse Rugs Maps 3400 SKUs to 9 Channels in 2 Weeks

3 FAQ about Accelerating Sales Velocity on Amazon

Syndicate to Dominate: 4 Steps Retailers Can Take to Team up with Brands to Win Ecommerce

Boost Your Sales on Walmart with Salsify’s New Rich Media Template Creator

The Rise of Ecommerce Pop-Ups & How It's Innovating the Shopping Experience

How to Market in a World of "Ego"systems

3 Tips to Improve Your Product Content Strategy for B2B Distributors

How a Smart Data Feed Grows Sales

Salsify's Key Takeaways from 2018 Forrester PIM Wave Report

Salsify's Point of View on the PIM Analyst Report

5 Rules to Winning Consumer Trust on the Product Page

How to Customize Content Across Your Sales Channels

How Tools and Home Improvement Brands Can Win On Amazon

5 Takeaways from IRCE 2018

Ecommerce is a Team Sport

Selling Direct-to-Consumer? Here are 4 Tips

How to Accelerate Your Performance on Amazon

The Winning Elements of Amazon Tools and Home Improvement Pages

Clothing Brands Win Omnichannel with Immersive Brick & Mortars

At the WhiteBoard: The Dangers of a PIM-Only Approach

What is A+ Content? | Salsify

Overcome Channel Conflict: How Ecommerce Can Support Your Traditional Salesforce

Agile vs Waterfall Ecommerce | Salsify

How to Optimize Ecommerce Site Search | Salsify

From the Experts: 3 Takeaways on How to Increase Product Visibility on Amazon

How to make digital commerce a company-wide strategy

Salsify is Now Available on the Amazon Marketplace Appstore

How to Meet the Content Demands of Your Distributors

Amazon Seller Central vs Vendor Central | Salsify

5 Strategies to Grow Sales Amid Store Closures

What Is the GDSN Network?

What is the difference? PIM vs. ERP Systems

Top 5 Takeaways from Build the Best Amazon Experience

How Mattress Maker Casper Built a Successful Ecommerce Strategy

Gen Z Wants to EXPERIENCE Shopping

3 Ways B2B Brand Manufacturers are Tackling the Digital Shift

Start Selling on Amazon: A Beginner's Guide to Jumpstarting Your Amazon Strategy

Amazon: How Content Improves the Brand Experience

Seven Features to Look for in Your PIM Software | Salsify

What impact (if any) will blockchain have on commerce?

5 Things Brands and Suppliers Need to Know About the New Walmart.com

How Consumers Shop for Electronics: Research, Compare, Repeat

How will you meet your target growth rate?

How Will Toy & Baby Brands Succeed Post-Toys R Us?

Be Way-Day Ready: Keys to a Winning Furniture Product Page

How to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search

The Changing Role of the CMO in the Digital Age

Price May Matter Less Than You Think

The Winning Elements of Amazon Furniture and Home Goods Pages

The proven path to triple-digit growth in CPG commerce

How your brand can avoid chargebacks

5 Truths from the Forrester Consumer Marketing Conference | Salsify

Trend Watch: What You Should Be Learning from Amazon's Private-Label Clothing Boom

5 things CPG shoppers want from your brand

How Voice Will Change the Way Consumers Shop Online

How to Grow Your B2B Brand’s Market Share This Year

Understanding what GDSN’s Integration with Amazon Means for Brands

How Amazon Wins Consumer Trust

Not April Fool’s Day: Some bad product content caught in the wild

PIM and DAM Essentials Must Be Combined for True Brand Success

Survival Guide for Brands: How to Protect Your Margins

How to Build Consumer Trust on the Digital Shelf | Salsify

Brand Crush: 5 Reasons to Love Eileen Fisher

6 Questions to Ask Before Buying a PIM

3 Product Experience Tips to Increase Customer Satisfaction

7 Ways Your Organization Must Tackle Digital Transformation

9 Must-See Brand Leaders at #ShopTalk2018

Do I have to list all my products on Amazon?

New Consumer Research: Why Product Experiences are What Win Trust in the Digital Age

#FBF – Yes, P&G Did Ditch Ad Networks for Retailer-led Options

How brand leaders are building great product experiences online

Four Fresh Ways to Get Discovered Online

7 Brand Leaders to Look for at Etail West

At the WhiteBoard: How to think about KPIs on the digital shelf

The 3 Kinds of Videos Your Product Strategy Needs

How to Build a Best-Selling Page on Amazon

Five brands helping consumers skip the dressing room

The Winning Elements of an Amazon Grocery Page

Is Your Product Content Really Ready for Email Ecommerce?

Which social networks hold the best commerce opportunities for your brand?

At the Whiteboard: Protecting Your Brand on the Digital Shelf

These 3 Consumer Search Trends Can Help You Sell Better Online

These 3 Ecommerce Search Trends Can Help You Sell Better Online

3 Goals for Your E-Commerce Content Strategy in 2018

7 Tips to Optimize Your Product Detail Pages

8 Tips to Build the Best Medical Device or Pharma Product Detail Page

Infographic: The Leader's Path to Digital Growth in 2018

3 Goals for Your E-Commerce Content Strategy in 2018

How to measure the impact of digital

The Top 5 E-Commerce Trends for 2018

The Best Digital Shopping Experiences in 2018

The 5 Must-Read Books for Every Brand in 2018

What does it take to have the best food and beverage product page on Walmart?

How to Prepare Your Products to Sell on Google | Salsify

What does it take for a better product page rank on Amazon?

New Research: How Leading Brands are Winning the Digital Shelf

Selling on Walmart? Here’s how to improve your product page

3 Ways the Future of Shopping Will Impact Your CPG Brand

Why Selling Online Begins with Product Information Management| Salsify

Content Quality Control Chrome Extension | Salsify

Which keywords will improve your product SEO this holiday?

A Big Thank You to Our Customers

Coca-Cola CEO issues call for building brand experiences on the digital shelf

Which keywords will improve your product SEO this holiday?

How to Make Customers Fall in Love With Your Brand

The New Rules of Digital Brand Marketing

Conversation with Global Merchandiser Marion Thomas

Three tips for improving search discoverability this holiday

Brick and Mortar Stores aren’t Fading Away, They are Transforming

Conversations in commerce: How retail brands succeed at contextual commerce

Infographic: 3 Threats to Your Ecommerce Strategy

3 Things to Know About Walmart’s Content Strategy

Trend Watch: P&G ad share on retailer sites is up by nearly 30%

The Secret Rise of Digital Strategy for Luxury Brands

How I Did It: Roland Foods Embraces Digital, Sees Immediate Results

Modern PIM Platforms Require Product Experience Management

How Dorel Juvenile Built a Scalable Approach to Ecommerce with Salsify

At the WhiteBoard Video: The Messy State of Product Syndication

The Amazon Mobile App and Why it Matters to Your Brand Strategy

Infographic: 5 Tips to Winning the Holiday

3 Things Your Brand Must Do to Improve Holiday Product Pages, Backed by Data

Globe Electric Wins in Time-To-Market by Syndicating and Centralizing Product Content

Ecommerce Merchandising matters: How brands can inspire buyers and improve sales conversion

How Digital Catalogs Can Improve Your Business

9 Key Tips for Better Amazon SEO Optimization

What’s the future of PIM?

How to get your products discovered on Amazon

Struggling to Comply with FDA UDI Requirements?

Exclusive Research: Online Shopping Behavior Changes Over the Holidays

What does it take to build the perfect product page?

5 Ways to Optimize Product Feeds to Reach More Customers

How leading brands juggle changing data requirements

4 ways your toy brand can win this holiday season

Reliable product data syndication is key to your brand’s success

Three simple ways B2B companies can grow sales

How to get products discovered on Amazon

How eBags Built a Winning Flash Sale Strategy

How to Calculate Product Information Management Software ROI

How to win at digital-first commerce: Engage your retail partners

How to win at digital-first commerce: Centralize your content

How do brands win with today’s digital-first shopper?

Getting on Walmart’s Digital Shelves in 4 Quick Steps

3 Simple Rules to Take Control of Your Hardlines Product Data

How to avoid ecommerce pitfalls in the beauty industry

How to Build a Digital Transformation Team

How I Did It: Emser Tile Makes Sales Efficiency Easy

What brand suppliers need to know about Walmart’s ecommerce strategy

Amazon Prime Day was a record breaker. Now what?

Prepare Your Brand for Today's Mobile Commerce Experience

5 Reasons to Invest in Your Retailer Mobile Experience

How I did it: Escalade Sports won back time and gained transparency

7 Questions Shoppers Ask While In-Store Mobile Shopping

Build a Strategy the Serves Today's Omnichannel Shopping Trends

7 Ways PIM Software Can Improve Your SEO Strategy

5 ecommerce lessons from Dorel Juvenile Group

Is your brand ready for Amazon Prime Day?

How I did it: CRKT grows brand footprint with engaging product content

How to get started with ecommerce after you’ve already started

5 must-read lessons from #IRCE17

Learning from Best Buy’s Turnaround: 5 Tactics

4 important trends from 2017 Internet Trends Report

Top 5 IRCE 2017 Sessions to Attend

How to create the perfect product page

How I did it: 4 Lessons from a Brand CIO

What digital means to your brand's future

Improve your ROI with a better product content process

Community, Culture, Collaboration...and Cycling?

How to build strong shopping experiences

The 4 pillars to becoming a top-performing digital brand

PCM vs. PIM: 5 takeaways from the Forrester PIM Wave report

5 key insights on how busy parents shop and why they buy

4 key takeaways about Google Manufacturer Center

What your CPG brand needs to know about SmartLabel

How to protect your brand identity

How mobile is changing your customer's shopper journey

PIM 2.0 - What is PIM and Where is it Going?

How Millennials Think About Your Product Content

What does it take to have the best furniture product content on Amazon?

New research: Digital influence of furniture and home goods purchases is at a critical point.

Prepare your content for the age of voice-powered shopping

New Research: Consumers tell us what's driving the future of shopping

Getting Luxury E-Commerce Right

Google’s giving you product page feedback. Now what?

Where else will your customers shop?

Three major lessons from Shoptalk 2017

5 Top Quotes from ‘Product Content Management: What Brands Need to Thrive in the Age of the Customer’

Find out how your product data is performing on Amazon

Our picks for 'must-attend' sessions at #Shoptalk17

Online Grocery Shopping’s Future is Bright. Are You Ready?

What is the best workflow for ecommerce?

The Keys to Building Consumer Trust: Content and Consistency

What does it really take to get product content market-ready?

Ensure your brand is easy to find online

How to market in an age of personal branding

The 5 questions to ask before launching a direct-to-consumer channel for your brand

What's unified commerce and how can it improve your sales?

Elevate your customer experience online and off

Avoiding the retail squeeze: 3 ways stores can improve customer experience and succeed in omnichannel

New data on how brands and retailers are tackling distributed commerce [ebook]

How product content can help fuel faster-than-ever delivery expectations

How Rawlings readied its 130-year old brand for ecommerce

The high-touch tactics that are winning over customers

Our $30M Series C news and retrospective

From the front lines of #NRF17: Moving from uncertainty to certainty

How well does your UX support your mobile product content?

What’s your consumer relationship status? How to improve loyalty after the sale

The Rising Tide of Phygital Retail

Helping shoppers buy: Reducing consumer cold feet

Top E-commerce Trends for 2017

2017 Super Serious Predictions

Want to Maximize Holiday Ecommerce Sales? Look to Your Product Content.

'Tis the Season for Toys

Walmart's asking for better content across its top SKUs

Mobile Apps Are Soaring: Are Your Digital Plans in Place for 2017?

How ski equipment expert Tecnica drives its unique customer experience with content [Video]

When Shoppers Research: Fun and Easy Experiences Win the Sale

3D Printing in Retail | Salsify

What You Need to Know About Walmart Content Spec 3.0

Bringing “Discovery” to Shoppers

Insights for Improving Your Ecommerce Performance

Why we support #GivingTuesday

How to quickly update your Walmart.com product pages

What impact will Amazon's ban on incentivized reviews have on the marketplace?

Swipe left, Swipe right: 4 reasons why mobile engagement will require a new approach to product merchandizing

Alibaba doubles down on Singles’ Day: What e-tailers can learn from relevant themed-day success

Inside a Global Brand: How to increase customer sales with ecommerce flywheel

What DAM Capabilities Do You Need for Ecommerce?

How to Calculate the ROI of Product Content Management

Surviving the Fashion Jungle: How apparel retailers can keep up with Amazon’s new approach to fashion

4 Changes in Shopping Behavior that Could Impact Your Holiday Sales

Improve Your Consumer-First Marketing Approach

Our First Try at Improving STEM Education in Boston

New Data Confirms: Every Buyer's Journey is a Winding Road

Delivering Online: What food shopping can teach the rest of retail (Part 2)

Top 5 Takeaways from Shop.org

Publish Your Product Content with Greater Confidence

Debuting New Capabilities for Retailers to Improve Content Collaboration with Brand Manufacturers

Citizens of Salsify: Meet Director of Product Management Kristen Fortino

From supplier to partner: How to make the most of your retailer relationships

Delivering Online: What food shopping can teach the rest of retail (Part 1)

Home Meridian: How we empowered our sales teams with Sell Sheets

Three reasons to combine your product information and digital asset management

Inject SEO into your product content strategy

The path to digital mastery [Video]

Ecommerce’s $4 Trillion Challenge: Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Digital Transformer?

How to write product descriptions that win sales

Why Gift Guides Work — And How to Make Yours a Success

How to Build the Perfect Strike Team

The aftermath of Amazon Prime Day: 5 things we learned

Citizens of Salsify: Meet Enterprise Account Executive David Gold

How can you unify the retail customer journey?

How to establish a product content workflow for the holiday season

5 Tips for Maximizing Product Sales This Holiday Season [Infographic]

5 ways to make your product content mobile shopping-friendly

From Typo to Triumph: My Second Year as an Intern at Salsify

From athletic apparel to top lifestyle brands

Product content teams, assemble (before Black Friday)!

The Best In-Store Digital Experiences

GTIN Management Standard: 10 new product information management rules

New ebook - 9 steps to maximize your product sales this holiday season

How to improve your Amazon product pages in time for the holidays

Citizens of Salsify: Meet Solutions Engineer, Anthony Franco

Q&A with Beam Suntory: How alcohol brands can compete in ecommerce

Back-to-school shopping: Moms' buying behaviors and product content

Does price matter? Why price comparison shopping isn't the end of retail

Amazon Prime Day, Walmart and more: Dealing with never-ending sales

Are you prepared for Amazon Prime Day? 5 tips to get your product content ready

How to harness the power of customer reviews - Part II

How to harness the power of customer reviews - Part I

Introducing the new Salsify Sell Sheets

Cracking the Consumer Code: How product content drives conversion [Infographic]

Target set suppliers an image deadline: What can you do to meet it?

IRCE 2016: 5 Key Insights

The Product Content that Sells On the Digital Shelf

The importance of the digital shelf and the endless aisle

Introducing our Expanded Platform for Product Content Management

Not your father's brick-and-mortar retail

ShopTalk 2016: 6 things you might have missed

8 Takeaways from ShopTalk 2016: Preparing for Distributed Commerce

New guide - How to convert and win sales in the distributed commerce era

What types of product imagery earn ecommerce sales?

Digital Shopping is Changing the Furniture Market. Are you ready?

A Buyer's Journey: How to improve ecommerce conversion rates

Retail Digital Transformation: From Malls to Digital Commerce

Adobe helps usher in era of distributed commerce

Speeding content to market: Product launches and communication

5 essential takeaways from our "Turning Google Searches Into Sales" webinar

Conversational commerce: Are chatbots and AI the future of digital shopping?

New research - Online shoppers clearly say what makes them click "Buy"

Apple demonstrates seamless digital-to-physical shopping experience

Overcoming the Top E-Commerce Challenges for Brands

How Pepto-Bismol is killing it on Google search

Strap on your headsets: Lowe's goes augmented reality

What Macy's can learn from Bonobos

Rich Product Information Matters more than Ever in the Apparel Industry

Amazon has its eyes on fashion now

Upcoming Webinar: Turning Google Searches into Sales

The Rise of The Chief Digital Officer: Why You Need One and What to Look For

Fashion is getting disrupted by an unsuspecting culprit

Ad blocker popularity elevates importance of great product content

Why you need more than just images to sell your products

What CPG Companies Need to Know About SmartLabel

Vote for Salsify in BostInno's Tech Madness Bracket

Whole Foods invests in Instacart

What the buy button and Facebook articles have in common

What is rich product content?

What are Best of Brands and Retailers Doing with Product Content? (A Video Blog)

Whole Foods may offer tattoos in the near future

What's in a Name?

Alcohol brands need to do more in an on-demand ecommerce world

Click-and-collect: Nightmare or dreamy?

The 11 Rules of Product Content, Part II: A Video Blog

Goodbye Google Sidebar Ads, Hello Product Placements

How to Prepare for GDSN Major Release 3

1WorldSync Certifies Salsify for GDSN Major Release 3

Best 3 ways retailers can use return policies to their advantage

Important Update on Google Shopping Requirement

Webinar Recap: How to Create and Scale Product Content that Sells

Preserving Image Quality For Richer Product Images

New: How to Sync Your Digital Assets to Salsify from Box

The 11 Rules of Product Content, Part I: A Video Blog

Clicks meet bricks: The story of Gilt and Saks

Cadet Heat: An unlikely hero in ecommerce

The Most Important Takeaway From NRF 2016: A Video Blog

Publishing 1000+ Products to a Retailer in 1 Month - A How to Guide

Who should cover the last mile?

Webinar Alert: How to Create & Scale Product Content that Sells

What Michael Kors might be getting wrong about ecommerce

Providing Walmart with product content just got easier

To appeal to pet parents nowadays, you need rich product content

Great Product Content Drives Sales [Infographic]

Should we care about conversational commerce?

The product content lesson that the Target Canada collapse taught us

Why Amazon went brick-and-mortar

How to get your team organized around product content

Rules for product content that sells - A new ebook from Salsify

The customer has killed omnichannel. Thank god.

The need for speed - getting product content to market faster

Welcome to the convenience economy

The CGI eCommerce revolution: Why the biggest brands aren't wrong

6 coolest things we heard at NRF 16

Kroger reinvents grocery eCommerce with data

You can't out Amazon Amazon: How I spent my holiday $s

eCommerce in the age of augmented reality

In 2016, shopping patterns have reached a turning point

What technology will shape product content in 2016?

7 super serious commerce predictions for 2016

Is video a part of your product content strategy?

And the winner for the worst holiday shopping experience of 2015 is...

Salsify on the Street: Worst Holiday Shopping Experiences 0f 2015

Salsify on the Street: Best Holiday Shopping Experiences 0f 2015

What in the %$&# is a Salsify?!?

If a mobile payment app falls in the forest and no one's interested...

Internet brands going brick-and-mortar, and with good reason

Product Content Accuracy: The Struggle is Real

Make #GivingTuesday come alive

Ecommerce leaders: Secret Agents of Change

Is Black Friday Turning Gray?

#GivingTuesday - we need your help to #give!

What is product content? Thanksgiving edition

Help Yourself: The Power of Product Content Management to Speed Sales

Best of Breed Brands are Ready for the Future of Ecommerce. Are you?

#SinglesDay says: Game on, Cyber Monday. Game. On.

New Research E-book: Are Brands ready for the future of ecommerce?

4 Key Takeaways for Brands from the new Mobile Mom Survey

Ready, Set, Print: 3D Printing and Instant Ecommerce

"It's not the size of your shop. It's the size of your imagination."

Google’s New Shopping Insights Tool: It Ain’t Just for Retailers

Jet.com: How You Treat Your Suppliers Matters

Case Study: Simpli Home Quadrupling SKU Counts Powered by Salsify

Salsify named "Transformative Technology" by Ventana Research

New White Paper: 3 Points of Strategic Alignment for Brands to Own Their Digital Footprint

Meeting Walmart’s Content Spec 2.0 Deadline: Was it Worth It?

10 Key Takeaways from the Walmart Webinar

Who should "own" GDSN data in your organization?

Trend: Real-world Retailers Gaining on Amazon

Walmart Content Spec 2.0: Are You Walmart-ready for the Holidays?

Busting the Myth: Why Consistent Content in eCommerce Won’t Kill Your SEO

5 Essential Tools for E-Commerce Success: How One eCommerce Leader Is Attacking the Product Content Challenge

Simplifying the Process: Salsify's Channel Readiness Report

Walmart's New Product Content Specification

The Google Effect: Seizing the Product Content Opportunity

How To Become a Good Person in Only Nine Days: An Intern's View of the Salsify Culture

Top brand questions: How much product content is enough?

New Data: Detailed Product Information is the #1 Criteria for Buying

Are Brands Taking Advantage of the Omni-Opportunity?

3 Steps to Using Product Categories to Drive Multi-Channel Sales

Is Your Product's Packaging a Brick & Mortar Shop-Block?

Brand Crush: 5 Reasons To Love Rainbow Sandals

The 3 Pillars of Consumer Confidence

Are You Shop-Blocking Your Customers?

Rebecca Minkoff's Amazing "Store of the Future"

Mind Your Millennials: 7 Reasons I Abandon My Online Shopping Cart

How Many Hands Create Omnichannel Product Content? [Infographic]

Is the Retail Supply Chain Diluting Your Brand?

Salsify Stellar Shopping Salute: 8 Reasons ASOS Reigns Supreme

Mind Your Millennials: The Unspoken Cause of Retail's "Winter of Death"

5 Ways Kroger is Improving the Grocery Store Shopping Experience

How GS1's New Guidelines Will Change Fashion's Fur Game Forever

Why A Technically Superior Shopping Experience Couldn't Save Piperlime

Mind Your Millennials: How 3 Online Brands Earned My Money & My Trust

Is Dialect Affecting Your Sales? Walmart & the SCC say Yes.

What Are Extended Attributes?

What The History of the Barcode Teaches Us About Contemporary Commerce

Extended Attributes Helped Me Find Lululemon Quality at Half the Price

Macy's Newest Commercial is Omnichannel Perfection

Salsify Stellar Shopping Salute: Wayfair, You Really Nailed It!

Quest for the Perfect Product Page: Using the 5 Senses

Quest for the Perfect Product Page: Establishing Your Voice

The Quest for the Perfect Product Page

Failure to Adapt to Technology: 5 Key Case Studies

Has Omnichannel Shopping Made Cyber Monday Obsolete?

Mind Your Millennials: This is How We Shop, Omnichannel Style

Why Optimized Onboarding is the Key to a Profitable Holiday Season

Why E-Commerce is Moving to the Traditional Storefront

Salsify Stellar Shopping Salute: Reformation & Extended Attributes

4 Ancient Retail Innovations We Still Use Today

Salsify Stellar Shopping Salute: Well played, Urban Outfitters

6 Things We're Looking Forward to at the RVCF Annual Fall Conference

Why creating superior product information is a key supplier strategy

Our customer Marbles: The Brain Store will double online sales in 2015

Sorry Subway, I'm Not Buying It.

Mind your Millennials: Why the Shop Spring App is Good for your Brand

Are you ready for Extended Attributes?

Sorry Ugg Australia, I'm not buying it.

Handbag, Purse, Pocketbook? Why Your Product Classification Matters

This KFC commercial is the best ad on TV: Here's Why

Mind your Millennials: How to Convert with Instagram

6 Pivotal Steps for epic product images

It's Not Easy Seeing Green: How Retail Buyers Can Use Tech to Flourish

How Marbles: The Brain Store Mastered Item Onboarding (Case Study)

Forget Paper Catalogs; Digitally Showcase and Share Your Product Information

3 Reasons to Use Product Videos

Bringing Sell Sheets to the 21st Century

3 Reasons Why Product Content Exchange Should Be Your #1 Priority

When It Comes to Product Information Management, Envision a River, Not a Lake

Why Well-Oiled Product Information Machines are Vital for E-Commerce

How to Budget Time for an Animated Marketing Video in Just 3 Days

The Root Cause of Bad Ecommerce Site Search, and How the Company Behind the Humble Barcode is Trying to Help

The Future of Ecommerce is in the Cloud

Why Getting Great Product Content is HARD and What You Can Do About It

The Ultimate Toolkit for Creating an Animated Marketing Video For $100 or Less

3 Free, Web-Based Tools For Awesome Graphic Design in Under 30 Minutes

Analytics + Software = Marketing!

Infographic: The Evolution of the Barcode

How GPC and GDSN Can Unlock Better Communication With Other Companies

Sail on to success: how a cloud-based data repository can save millions and protect your brand integrity during new product launches

Infographic: How to Exchange Product Data with Other Companies and the Marketplace

Exchanging product data feeds with other companies and the marketplace

How Inconsistent Product Descriptions Can Hurt Your Brand Image - A Revlon Example

Infographic: Decoding the Technical Alphabet of E-Commerce Systems

Pricing Your Products: How Apple can charge a whopping $69 for an iPad case (and get away with it)

Conversations, Recommendations and $190,000 Hovercrafts: Talking Social Shopping with Nathan Stoll

The Key to Great Product Marketing: A Specific and Supported Target Persona

Infographic: Research Online, Purchase Offline

Whitepaper: Why Product Content is the Secret Ingredient in Health and Beauty Marketing

Why Cosmetics Brands Must Embrace Age Group Marketing

Infographic: How Product Content Moves through E-Commerce

The Secret to Successful Packaging in an E-Commerce World

3 Things Health and Beauty Manufacturers Should Know About the Changing World of Cosmetics Regulations

How To Balance Personalized Packaging and Brand Identity

How The Beauty 2.0 Awards Cements The Digital Revolution in Beauty

Walgreens and Digital Retail: The Surprisingly Innovative Partnership

How To Spend More Time Populating Your Digital Channels With Quality Content

How Great Cosmetics Packaging Copy Can Increase Sales

CPG Packaging: Getting it Right the First Time

3 Tactics For Cleaning Up Your Cosmetics Brand's Digital Presence

The Void Online Retailers Are Still Trying To Fill

The Most Common SEO Mistake Retailers Make

We've raised $8M from Matrix and North Bridge

Curating Product Content with Microsoft Excel

9 Examples of Successful Companies that Bring the In-Store Experience Online

3 Product Content Challenges That Health and Beauty Distributors Face

Why PIM Is Essential For Future Business Growth: The Family Planning Analogy

Can Trendy Health and Beauty Sites Avoid The Social Shopping Trend?

Quote Hunting: Great Original Product Content for SEO

What Makes a Health and Beauty E-Commerce Site Work?

How Consistent Are The Dog Food Product Details Online?

Can You Buy Running Shoes Online Like You Do In-Store?

How Health and Beauty Mobile Sites Compare to Online

Are Drugstore Mobile Apps Useful?

Marketing Doesn't Sell Products

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