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    January 11, 2022
    3 minute read

    Salsify Certification Program Launches Foundations Training Path for Partners and Customers

    by: Salsify

    Introducing the latest from the Salsify Certification Program, the Salsify Foundations Certification. The Salsify Foundations certification path is an introduction to Salsify, its features, and how Salsify helps customers win on the digital shelf. It’s designed for customers, partners, and Salsifarians new to working with Salsify.

    The Salsify Certification program is designed to provide in-depth education and training across the various components of the Salsify platform for customers and partners. This complimentary program is perfect for ecommerce teams looking to establish their brand’s core functions and foster digital shelf growth.

    In addition to the Foundations Certification, there are currently two additional certifications available: Salsify Product Information Management (PIM) and Salsify Syndication. More training courses will be available in the future, with some already in development. The goal of these training courses is to help partners and customers establish a comprehensive understanding of the Salsify Commerce Experience Management (CommerceXM) platform.

    Learn more about the new Salsify Foundations Certification and what it takes to get started.


    How Does the Salsify Foundations Certification Work?

    Self-paced, e-learning courses that cover the fundamentals of working with Salsify to help learners become more familiar with Salsify features and their own organization. Learners will earn a badge by taking the following courses:

    • Getting Started With Salsify
    • Building Blocks of Salsify
    • Centralize Product Tour: PIM, DAM, and Workflow
    • Activate Product Tour: Channels and Digital Catalogs
    • Engage Product Tour: Commerce
    • Optimize Product Tour: Insights and Enhanced Content
    • Import Content to Enrich Stored Records
    • Content Organization: Filters and Lists

    After Salsify partners and customers complete the self-paced courses, they can take a skills assessment to test their new knowledge. If they complete the assessment successfully, they’ll earn a digital certificate that can be posted directly to LinkedIn.

    Get Started on the Salsify Foundations Certification Training

    The Salsify Foundations certification path covers the fundamentals of working in Salsify. By taking this learning path, learners will:

    • Understand key terminology around Salsify, its functions, and the industry;
    • Become familiar with Salsify features and how they work together to support the learner’s success with Salsify and in their role;
    • Know how to navigate, search, and filter in their organization; and
    • Gain the confidence and ability to explore their organization and learn what features are available.

    The Salsify Foundations Certification training empowers Salsify partners and customers to win across the digital shelf by providing valuable knowledge and tools.

    Learn more about the Salsify Certification Program and start the Salsify Foundations Certification training on Salsify Academy. This program is currently only available for existing Salsify partners and customers.



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