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    8 Brand Story Examples From Leading Brands

    May 28, 2024
    23 minute read
    8 Brand Story Examples From Leading Brands

    Brand storytelling helps shape the perception of your brand and build loyalty. A great brand story — including your origin and history, unique selling point, and values — will set you apart from the competition and develop deep, meaningful connections with shoppers.

    Here’s a collection of brand story examples from companies that have enmeshed winning experiences throughout their digital presence.

    8 Inspiring Brand Storytelling Examples

    The hardest part of brand storytelling is likely getting started. Here are eight brand story examples to get the inspiration ball rolling.

    1. Galaxy Chocolate Commits To Helping Young Women Worldwide

    Galaxy Chocolate is very vocal about its mission and values on its homepage and throughout its website.

    This sentiment extends to its social channels too, where its pinned posts on Instagram explain how the brand is committed to helping young women worldwide.

    Galaxy is also clear on its target audience. The “Our Story” section on the Galaxy website explains how it was created for women and continues to develop delicious treats made from the finest ingredients.

    Video Source: Galaxy Instagram

    Get Behind a Cause Like Galaxy Chocolate

    Here’s how to apply inspiration from Galaxy:

    • Be clear on your target audience and mention them throughout your website.
    • Share your mission and values upfront — even on your homepage. 

    2. Hubba Bubba Delivers on Bubbles and Fun

    Hubba Bubba is a playful brand — you can tell from its name and the language on its website. Each product description is infused with the brand’s tongue-in-cheek personality. Questions engage shoppers, and casual words and phrases create a warm, friendly brand persona.

    Screenshot of Hubba Bubba product listing and brand story

    Image Source: Hubba Bubba

    Play Up Your Personality Like Hubba Bubba

    Here’s how to apply inspiration from Hubba Bubba:

    • Create a unique brand voice and infuse it on all your online channels.
    • Carry your personality through into your product descriptions

    3. Ben and Jerry’s Takes Shoppers Back to the Beginning

    Ben and Jerry’s has worked hard to build an iconic brand — a big part of that is from sharing its story. The brand has a clear “About Us” section that takes shoppers back to the very beginning, but it also establishes its values and mission via the “Activism” tab on its website.

    The brand has a distinct voice too. From its story to product descriptions, the language used is fun, quirky, and descriptive.

    screenshot of Ben & Jerry’s brand story about us section

    Image Source: Ben & Jerry's

    Embrace Your Uniqueness Like Ben and Jerry’s

    Here’s how to apply inspiration from Ben and Jerry’s:

    • Infuse your brand voice into your story.
    • Develop a strong personality with unique phrases and descriptions. 

    4. Dove Works To Build Body Confidence

    Personal care brand Dove is well-known for campaigning about women’s body confidence. The brand’s mission to make every woman feel beautiful is a high priority, which is clear from its online presence.

    As well as clearly outlining its body confidence mission on its website, Dove also runs regular social media and advertising campaigns to highlight its cause. This has helped cement long-term relationships with shoppers who share the brand’s values and even increased Dove’s revenue.

    According to Global Brands Magazine, the company’s revenue shot up by 10% the year it launched the Real Beauty campaign, which has been running for 20 years.

    Video Source: Dove Instagram

    Get Real Like Dove

    Here’s how to apply inspiration from Dove:

    • Choose a mission and stick to it.
    • Consistently promote your values on your website and social media channels. 

    5. Spanx Highlights Its Humble Start

    Spanx has a famous rags-to-riches start-up story that the brand has used to market its products. Its humble beginnings make it relatable to the average shopper and it now uses this backstory to stand out against competitors. Its origin story is a core part of the brand, which shoppers can see across its website and other online channels.

    Share Your Start Like Spanx

    Here’s how to apply inspiration from Spanx:

    • Hone in on your origin story and advertise it everywhere.
    • Figure out your brand’s purpose and clearly define why it was created. 

    6. Vera Bradley Helps Shoppers Stand Out

    Luggage brand Vera Bradley shares its origin story on its website, including retro images of its founders. This helps the brand create a human connection with potential customers and gives them a reason to choose Vera Bradley over its competitors.

    As well as a detailed backstory, the brand highlights its values and mission on its website so shoppers know what it stands for and its purpose.

    Screenshot of brand story photos from Vera Bradley

    Image Source: Vera Bradley

    Reconnect To Your Roots Like Vera Bradley

    Here’s how to apply inspiration from Vera Bradley:

    • Call out each of your values on your website.
    • Use images to create a human connection with shoppers. 

    7. Timberland Shares Its Sustainability Efforts

    Footwear brand Timberland is no stranger to sharing its brand story. On a page dedicated to its history, mission, and values, the brand shares why it was started and who it’s for. It’s clear what Timberland is about, including the sustainable materials it uses and its contribution to responsible manufacturing and climate justice.

    The brand has taken its story one step further and created videos that explain its values in more detail. Its dedication to innovation and crafting the best footwear for outdoor workers is clear throughout its website, from its homepage to each product description.

    Emphasize Sustainability Like Timberland

    Here’s how to apply inspiration from Timberland:

    • Define your target audience and understand what’s important to them.
    • Create supporting content (such as videos) about your brand story to share on your website and socials. 

    8. Knorr Wants a Better Future for People and the Planet

    Knorr’s stockpots have been an important part of kitchens for years. The brand highlights its commitment to using sustainable ingredients and creating a better future for people and the planet.

    It shares its values on a dedicated webpage and its product pages, where illustrations show how its products are made and the ingredients that go into them. This helps the brand connect with shoppers who are actively seeking sustainable stockpots that only include natural ingredients.

    Screenshot of the brand story about ingredients from Knorr

    Image Source: Knorr

    Simplify Value-Sharing Like Knorr

    Here’s how to apply inspiration from Knorr:

    • Decide what’s important to you and your customers.
    • Carry your mission and values across your product pages

    Unlock More Sales With a Compelling Brand Story

    Developing your brand story can help you grow quickly and reach customers that share your values. The brand story examples listed here are the product of years of crafting, promoting their origins, and campaigning for causes brands believe in — all of which play into whether customers shop with them.

    Your brand story combines your origin, purpose, values, and target audience, plus your brand voice and personality. Don’t forget to show customers who you are through personality-driven product descriptions and memorable language that’s unique to your brand.


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    Written by: Lizzie Davey

    Lizzie Davey (she/her) is a freelance writer and content strategist for ecommerce software brands. Her specialty is combining customer research with actionable copy to create pieces that people actually want to read. Over the past 10 years, she's worked with top industry brands to bring their vision to life and build...

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