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    2024 Digital Consumer Report Examines Consumer Behavior and Reveals Valuable Insights

    February 8, 2024
    4 minute read
    2024 Digital Consumer Report Examines Consumer Behavior and Reveals Valuable Insights

    Salsify publishes its 2024 consumer research report — a survey of 2,700 U.S. and U.K. respondents — highlighting the latest consumer trends and the intricacies of the modern buying journey. 

    The modern buying journey is often intricate, complicated, and nonlinear. Consumers have a treasure trove of product discovery and purchasing options at their fingertips, and it’s permanently changed the way they shop. 

    Salsify’s latest consumer research report reinforces that consumers are craving seamless omnichannel experiences, excellent product content, and budget-friendly, sustainable options. 

    Brands that remain agile and responsive to consumer behavior and preferences are better positioned for sustained success. Lean into these insights to help you create a flawless 2024 strategy. 

    3 Top Highlights From Salsify’s 2024 Customer Research 

    Here are three main consumer behavior highlights from Salsify’s latest customer research survey. 

    The Modern Buying Journey Requires Seamless Experiences

    At every step of the journey, your brand needs to offer a seamless experience. Consider this: 63% of shoppers are guilty of webrooming (researching online, buying in-store) and 48% are guilty of showrooming (researching in-store, buying online). 

    Driving consumers down the path to purchase means meeting them at every pit stop and navigating each stage delicately.  

    Goldilocks Shoppers Want a ‘Just Right’ Omnichannel Experience

    Consumers increasingly turn to omnichannel experiences to ensure the best possible purchasing outcome. Forty-nine percent of shoppers want a perfect mixture of online and in-store shopping. 

    Brands need to provide seamless experiences across every touch point to engage customers. 

    Brands Must Keep Up With Emerging Trends To Stay Relevant

    In 2024, consumer behavior shows shoppers are adjusting to economic shifts, adopting sustainable practices, and integrating technological advancements like artificial intelligence (AI) and social commerce. 

    Thirty-nine percent of shoppers are prioritizing budget-friendly options, and 35% are purchasing essential over non-essential items this year. 

    Brands must reassess and align their strategy with emerging trends to ensure relevance.

    Next Steps: Consumer Alignment and Enlightenment

    Salsify’s latest consumer research is a testament to the importance of omnichannel shopping experiences, harnessing the power of product content, and staying on trend.

    If you want to remain top of mind for consumers in the new year, you must meet them where they are and provide seamless omnichannel experiences. Brands that adapt to consumer behavior accordingly will reap the benefits. 

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    “2024 Consumer Research” Report

    Download the full report for a detailed view of the modern buying journey and actionable insights to inform your strategy decisions — this year and beyond.


    Written by: Madeline Koufogazos

    Madeline Koufogazos (she/her) is an editor and writer at Salsify, based out of Boston. She enjoys sharing her insights on consumer trends and behaviors, commerce, media, pop culture, and travel.

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