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    July 6, 2021
    4 minute read

    Salsify Certification Program Launches Syndication Training Path for Partners and Customers

    by: Salsify

    The Salsify Certification Program just launched its latest installment: Salsify Syndication Certification. This certification training offers Salsify partners and customers the knowledge needed to become experts in publishing complete and accurate product information across the digital shelf.


    The Salsify Certification Program is an online learning program consisting of self-paced virtual courses, skills assessments, and live training sessions for Salsify partners and customers. This complimentary program is designed to help ecommerce teams build the core functions needed to drive digital shelf growth.

    There are currently two certifications available: Salsify Product Information Management (PIM) and Salsify Syndication. Additional training courses are currently in development. These training courses are designed to help partners and customers gain an in-depth understanding of the Salsify Commerce Experience Management (CommerceXM) platform.

    Learn more about the new Salsify Syndication Certification and find out how to get started with this new certification training.

    How Does the Salsify Syndication Certification Work?

    The Salsify Syndication Certification consists of 11 courses and a skills assessment, covering the full scope of capabilities to help Salsify partners and customers learn how to activate high-performing product experiences across the digital shelf.

    This certification training offers course-specific badges for each mastered topic and breaks down important concepts, including:

    • Syndication readiness
    • Channel types and usage
    • Readiness reports
    • Custom channels
    • Mapping tools, formulas, and publishing
    • Feedback troubleshooting

    After completing the self-paced courses, Salsify partners and customers can then put their knowledge to the test with a skills assessment. Successful completion of this assessment earns them a digital certificate, which can be posted directly to LinkedIn.

    There are also live, instructor-led training sessions available for those who have passed the certification skills assessment.

    Salsify Syndication Certificate Example

    Start the Salsify Syndication Certification Training

    Syndication has many benefits for brands, helping them effectively manage brand experiences, speed time to market, expand revenue opportunities, adapt to meet market changes, and build stronger brand stories wherever they sell online.

    “Winning on the digital shelf requires a constantly changing set of professional skills. That’s why our team is committed to creating the most effective and engaging training and education programs in the industry,” says Taye Mohler, VP of partners and alliances at Salsify.

    “When a Salsify Certification Program badge shows up on someone’s LinkedIn profile, their colleagues and clients can be assured that they have the foundational skills required to enable success.”

    The Salsify Syndication Certification training equips Salsify partners and customers with the tools they need to manage, publish, and adapt product experiences at the speed and scale required to win across the digital shelf.

    Start the Salsify Syndication Certification training, and learn more about the Salsify Certification Program, on Salsify Academy. This program is currently only available for existing Salsify partners and customers.


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