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    At Salsify, we know your content, product information and personal data/information relating to your customers are some of your organization's most valuable assets. We are committed to protecting your data and the investment you’ve made in our technology and infrastructure. Here are some key security best practices and compliance tools that we employ which we can publicly share.
    ProductXM Salsify has attained SOC 2 Type II for its ProductXM platform. Salsify certifies its systems annually to AICPA SOC 2 Type II since October 2018, successfully auditing the operational and security processes of our service and our company. You can request a copy of our SOC2 Type2 report through your Salsify sales or customer success contact.
    SupplierXM The Information Security Management System that manages the controls around our SupplierXM platform is based on ISO 27001:2013. This certification was gained in July 2019 and maintained for 3, proving our expertise in securely managing information technology systems. A new certification encompassing both Salsify platforms (SupplierXM and ProductXM) will be available soon.




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