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    Amazon Prime Day 2024: How To Get Your Product Content Ready

    May 14, 2024
    6 minute read
    Amazon Prime Day 2024: How To Get Your Product Content Ready

    Sometimes, good ideas need time to catch on — or at least a bit of tinkering right out of the box. Take Amazon’s first Prime Day in 2015: While initially touted as a blowout sale that could rival Black Friday, its debut was not quite a hit with consumers, per NBC News.

    Amazon Prime Day 2024, however, will look very different from its first iteration. Brands and Amazon appear poised for another record-breaking sales day this summer.

    Take a look at how far this “Christmas in July” has grown over the past decade, and review some best practices to ensure your brand can maximally leverage this now iconic sales holiday.

    The Impact of Amazon Prime Day 2023

    In contrast to their first celebration, Amazon Prime Day 2023 was another historic milestone for the retailer, underscoring just how important the global shopping bonanza has become for brands and consumers alike.

    “Prime Day was Amazon's largest sales day ever, with Prime members worldwide purchasing more than 375 million items and saving over $2.5 billion on a variety of deals,” Amazon says. “This event also saw global revenues amassing a remarkable $12.7 billion, a 6.1% increase from the previous year, confirming its status as the most successful Prime Day to date​.”

    This massive surge in sales and participation is partly the result of Amazon's targeted strategies to increase the event’s global reach — now celebrated in over 20 countries.

    In critical markets like the U.S., consumer spending soared to $6.3 billion, while in the U.K., shoppers spent over £1.15 billion, reflecting a small but mighty year-over-year growth. Customers, for their part, saved a whopping $2.5 billion in deals. Not bad!

    It’s worth noting that the holiday has seen successive growth each year. That is, Amazon Prime Day 2022 was also Amazon’s “largest sales day ever” at the time, and so on.

    Will Amazon Prime Day 2024 break records again this summer? It seems increasingly likely. But what’s certain is the brands that proactively prepare will find themselves at a distinct advantage in capturing the interest and loyalty of a wide-reaching global audience.

    So, how should your brand prepare?

    3 Best Practices for Amazon Prime Day 2024

    If you’re getting your brand ready for the big day, here are three important areas to remember.

    1. Research the Latest Trends and Technologies To Drive Shoppers

    A big part of staying ahead of your competition? Keeping your finger on the pulse — consumer motivators, in particular.

    Consider emerging trends that drive customers to purchase or, ideally, excite them. Developments like voice-enabled searches, augmented reality (AR) marketing, personalization, and more all drive significant awareness, purchases, and retention — and will also help increase conversions after the sales holiday.

    2. Plan Early To Ensure Product Pages (and Products) Are Ready

    Your customers can’t hold your product in their hands or ask a store clerk for advice as they consider whether or not your product(s) can solve their problem. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your product detail pages (PDPs) do their best to address every conceivable question, concern, or objection your customers may have.

    You can start by refining product descriptions, providing high-quality images and video, and leveraging Amazon’s A+ enhanced content system. You’ll also want to approach your PDP copy with search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in mind and optimize these pages with keywords and other best practices that maximally drive awareness.

    Finally, prepare your inventory and logistics to handle the anticipated surge in orders. This means ensuring adequate stock levels while also streamlining your supply chain processes to effectively manage the load. Recall how upset consumers were when they saw deals sell out in 30 seconds in 2015 — don’t let that happen to you!

    3. Enhance Customer Engagement and Retention

    Prime Day isn't just about attracting new customers — it’s a remarkable opportunity to deepen relationships with your existing ones.

    Consider how to pamper your loyal shoppers as the big day approaches. Implementing pre-event promotions, interactive content, and targeted social media campaigns can build anticipation and engagement.

    Consider highlighting your major deals in an email to existing customers or featuring them on social channels.

    Even after the event ends, it can still provide you with a number of “post-purchase” options to increase loyalty and encourage repeat purchases. Following up with special offers, feedback requests, and personalized communications can help convert one-time Prime Day buyers into loyal customers.

    Prime-ing the Pump

    As Amazon Prime Day 2024 approaches, it’s important to remember that the brands best positioned for success are those that plan ahead with precision, creativity, and empathy for their customers.

    This year, let Amazon’s global spotlight shine brightly on your brand. Showcase the best of what your product line offers while delighting new and old customers alike, and Amazon might not be the only organization breaking sales records this year. 


    How To Create Product Pages That Convert

    Antsy to get started for the big day? Read the guide for insights that can help you optimize your Amazon PDPs into full-funnel brand experiences — before, after, and during Prime Day.


    Written by: Chris Caesar

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    How To Create Product Pages That Convert Antsy to get started for the big day? Read the guide for insights that can help you optimize your Amazon PDPs into full-funnel brand experiences — before, after, and during Prime Day. READ GUIDE