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    10 Brand Examples of Click-Driving Product Images, Videos, and More To Inspire

    April 23, 2024
    10 minute read
    10 Brand Examples of Click-Driving Product Images, Videos, and More To Inspire

    Shoppers expect action-packed product pages. The majority of shoppers (76%) said that high-quality product images are “extremely” or “very” important to their decision to click on a product page from search results, according to the Salsify “2024 Consumer Research” report.

    And search results? That’s where shoppers are twice as likely to discover a brand compared to brand or retail websites.

    For most brands, the competition in the search results is fierce. Fourteen percent of shoppers stop at the first page, while 45% will continue to page three, according to the Salsify report.

    If you want your product to stand out to shoppers, including one static product image and a few bullet points just isn’t enough. Shoppers want various content — comparison charts, reviews, videos, shipping details, and so much more.

    Here are some stellar examples from top brands to inspire your product pages.

    1. Dyson Offers Product Demonstrations With Gallery Images

    dyson hair product images example

    Image Source: Dyson

    Dyson showcases its products in action via a series of still images, allowing shoppers to see how they might use a product. Most shoppers are hesitant to buy products they don’t understand, so Dyson demonstrates the product in use with a step-by-step montage of images.

    2. Wayfair Details Dimensions With Illustrated Measurements

    wayfair product images example showing illustrated measurements Image Source: Wayfair

    Furniture is a high-ticket purchase that shoppers want to make sure they get right. The problem is, you can’t see what a sofa, bed, or table will look like in your house until it’s actually in your home.

    Wayfair navigates this pain point with illustrated diagrams of its products, complete with measurements and other specifications. These diagrams help shoppers make informed decisions based on details other than the item’s color and price. 

    3. L’Oréal Leverages Artificial Reality (AR) With Virtual Try-On Tools

    L'Oréal satin lipstick product images with artificial reality try-on tools

    Image Source: L'Oréal

    What’s the next best thing to trying out a product in person? Trying it out virtually.

    Several beauty brands, including L’Oréal, have added a virtual try-on feature to their product pages that enables shoppers to see what certain products will look like on their person.

    Virtual options like these are particularly useful for color-dependent products like lipstick and eyeshadow. Shoppers can use their computer camera to activate the augmented reality (AR) feature, which layers the lipstick color over the top of their face.

    4. Grainger Highlights Specifications With 360-Degree Product Photos

    grainger product images example with 360 degrees

    Image Source: Grainger

    Grainger, an industrial supplier, provides 360-degree images of its products to give shoppers a more accurate view of what a product will look like in person.

    One of the most significant issues with online shopping is that buyers can’t touch or see a product before they buy. These 360-degree images address those concerns by letting shoppers explore the product from different angles and see specific features up close. 

    5. Clorox Demonstrates Best Practices With Product Videos

    clorox product images example with video

    Image Source: Clorox

    Most shoppers know that Clorox sells cleaning products. But many don’t know the ins and outs of the products, including how well they’ll get the job done.

    Instead of simply showing an image of the bottle — which doesn’t really tell shoppers much — the brand includes a video showing the product in action. Potential customers can see how effective the product is and determine whether it’s best suited to their needs. 

    6. Kohler Shares Design Inspiration With Styled Editorial Photos

    kohler product images example with editorialized photos

    Image Source: Kohler

    Kohler’s high-ticket homeware is beautifully made and uses premium materials — two things that are hard to show without customers seeing the product in real life. The brand’s solution? An extensive image gallery showing highly stylized product photos.

    Every product includes a gallery with 10 or more images showing the product on its own, the product in real-life scenarios, and close-ups of the finer details. By showcasing a selection of images, Kohler gives shoppers a better idea of the product quality, enabling them to experience the high-quality features up close and personal.

    It’s clear: High-quality product photos are critical.

    7. Bear Naked Features Its Ingredients With Creative Photos

    bear naked product images showing ingredients

    Image Source: Bear Naked Granola

    Bear Naked adds something a little different to its product pages: annotated images of the relevant ingredients. The brand is known for selling healthy and nutritious granola bars, so it knows that what goes into each product is important to its customers.

    By tapping into customer needs, Bear Naked shows it understands its audience and highlights a critical selling point at the same time: its dedication to using wholesome, natural ingredients.

    8. Bosch Shares Its Social Proof With Influencer Content

    bosch product images showing influencer content

    Image Source: Bosch

    Home appliance brand Bosch sells many luxury products, including this built-in coffee machine. The high price point means shoppers might want to do more research or have a better understanding of how the product works before they make such a significant investment.

    Bosch beats them to it by providing several helpful visuals, including an annotated illustration and product close-ups.

    There’s one unique thing about this particular product page, though: a video featuring TV chef Curtis Stone using a built-in coffee machine to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Using a celebrity influencer to walk shoppers through how a product works adds social proof and an element of trust — particularly if people know and like the celebrity.

    9. Magnum Features Product Information Directly on Photos

    magnum ice cream product images with information on photos
    Image Source: Magnum Ice Cream

    To entice lovers of sweets, Magnum includes persuasive product information directly in its images. This one, for example, states how many calories are in each bar, while another shares the ingredients used in the ice cream.

    Adding text over product images is a great way to convey extra information or spotlight some of the critical selling points from your product descriptions. 

    10. Ferrero Rocher Entices With Luxury Product Videos

    ferrero rocher product images with luxury product videos

    Image Source: Ferrero Rocher

    Ferrero Rocher is known for its premium chocolate products — and the brand extends that luxury to the product visuals themselves. Each product page has a mouth-watering video showcasing the delicious details of the product.

    The styled, high-production videos hint at the quality ingredients and highlight what makes the chocolate stand out against its competitors. Besides, who can resist a close-up like this? 

    Are Your Product Images Working Hard for You?

    Today’s shoppers want more than a bullet-point list of product features. They want to imagine what it’s like to hold, touch, or taste the product — which is very hard to do through a screen.

    Shoppers rank product photos at the same level of importance as pricing. So, if you want to drive clicks from search results, don’t only focus on pricing. Decent visuals are just as crucial.

    Take inspiration from these brands, which have used product imagery to highlight use cases, showcase product features, and demonstrate how their products stand out from the competition. 



    2024 Consumer Research Report

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    Written by: Lizzie Davey

    Lizzie Davey (she/her) is a freelance writer and content strategist for ecommerce software brands. Her specialty is combining customer research with actionable copy to create pieces that people actually want to read. Over the past 10 years, she's worked with top industry brands to bring their vision to life and build...

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