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    What Is the Next Generation of Product Experience Management (PXM)? [DOWNLOAD]

    3 minute read
    What Is the Next Generation of Product Experience Management (PXM)? [DOWNLOAD]

    Product experience management (PXM) has evolved dramatically over the past decade to meet the demands of the growing, ever-changing digital shelf, and the consumers found here. To no surprise, the next generation of PXM will evolve further still to better meet these demands.

    To help contextualize PXM’s past, present, and future and decide what action to take next, Salsify’s CMO and co-founder, Rob Gonzalez, authored the whitepaper “What Is the Next Gen PXM?

    How To Take Action With Product Experience Management

    As the digital shelf expands, so do the channels and touch points enmeshed in the modern buying journey — consumers are discovering, considering, and buying just about everywhere imaginable, both online and in-store.

    Having a robust product information management (PIM) solution is a great start, but to keep pace with the expectations of consumers (and reach more of them) creating seamless product experiences with PXM is necessary.

    PXM is different than PIM, as it encompasses three interdependent pillars for digital shelf success:

    • Centralize: Establishing a central source of truth for your data, including all of the digital assets needed for every touch point, to achieve internal and external alignment.
    • Connect: Syndicating the most comprehensive, up-to-date information to every touch point your brand wants to reach.
    • Automate: Creating automated, repeatable processes through artificial intelligence (AI) to satisfy endpoint requirements, optimize and personalize, and more.

    Understanding these pillars in relation to PXM’s trajectory, and then properly guiding your data through these pillars will allow for your products — and brand image — to better reach your current customers, keep them coming back, and attract new ones.  

    The Future of Product Experiences Is Now

    The future of PXM and the digital shelf won’t wait around for brands still wrangling their data, and nor will competitors. If you commit to a holistic understanding of effective product experience management and the three pillars — centralize, connect, and automate — the success of your brand is imminent, now and in the future. 

    WHITEPAPER: Explore Product Experience Management’s Past, Present, and Future

    Download the whitepaper to learn more about the history of product experiences and how to succeed with PXM in the future.


    Written by: Yvonne Bertovich

    Yvonne Bertovich (she/her) is an editor and writer at Salsify, reporting from Knoxville, Tennessee. With a longtime passion for research, she enjoys flexing her perspective on ecommerce, trends in consumer behavior, and health and wellness.

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    WHITEPAPER: What Is the Next Gen PXM? Download the whitepaper to learn how product experiences have evolved and how to succeed with PXM going forward. DOWNLOAD NOW