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    What Is Amazon A+ Content?

    July 9, 2024
    16 minute read
    What Is Amazon A+ Content?

    An Amazon product detail page (PDP) that lacks enhanced content is equivalent to leaving the house in a state of undress. People will look at your PDP — and then quickly scroll away if it appears bare.

    You can avoid this “Emperor’s New Clothes” situation by prioritizing Amazon A+ Content, enhancing your PDPs with lifestyle images, videos, rich text, and other engaging product and brand content that customers desire.

    Here’s a breakdown of what Amazon A+ Content is and how it can benefit your business, including examples of top A+ Content you can emulate in your strategy. 

    What Is Amazon A+ Content?

    Amazon A+ Content, formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), is a content creation and management tool offered by Amazon that allows brands to add enhanced content to their PDPs, including lifestyle images, rich product content, HD videos, and so much more. 

    It’s a free service for Amazon brand owners enrolled in the Professional selling plan. There are three levels of A+ Content: Basic, Premium A+ Content, and Brand Story.

    Amazon A+ Content appears under a PDP’s “Product Description” section in place of a text description. It’s typically placed under the product listing and the “From the Brand” section (if utilized) but before customer reviews. The number of product description modules you choose will affect how the content is displayed.

    Video Source: Amazon YouTube

    What Are the Different Types of Amazon A+ Content?

    Here’s a breakdown of the three Amazon A+ Content options. 

    Basic A+ Content 

    Basic A+ Content is the first tier of A+ Content. It allows you to create a product description that has up to five modules per Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs).

    These modules can include:

    • Your brand logo;
    • A plethora of text and image placements; and
    • Product comparison and technical specification charts.

    You can choose a template that suits your design needs. For example, you can combine text- and image-only modules to create a comprehensive PDP that gives customers a full understanding of your product.

    Amazon Premium A+ Content

    Premium A+ Content is the second tier of A+ Content, and it gives you access to additional features like larger images, image carousels, and interactive hotspot modules.

    To gain eligibility, you must have published Brand Story “on all ASINs you have brand rights for in the relevant country-based store … and you need to have at least 15 pieces of Basic A+ Content approved for publication in that store within the last year,” according to Amazon Seller University.

    You’ll know you’re eligible if you see a banner that says Premium A+ Content is an available feature in the A+ Content Manager. Once you have access, you can use the feature within the countries you sell in.

    If you have access to Premium A+ Content, you can create a product description that has seven modules, including:

    • A variety of placements with text and larger images; 
    • Enhanced product comparison and technical specification charts;
    • Standalone videos;
    • Clickable carousels for multiple videos/images;
    • Q&As; and
    • Interactive hotspots.

    If Amazon charges fees for Premium A+ Content, you’ll receive a notification in the A+ Content tool in advance, and it won’t affect any of your existing content. 

    Brand Story 

    Both Basic A+ Content and Premium A+ Content users can access Brand Story.

    Brand Story is a dedicated section of an Amazon PDP — separate from the product description — that appears under the From the Brand section. It highlights important brand takeaways and promotes opportunities for cross-selling and linking to your Amazon storefront. 

    Brand Story offers up to 19 modules arranged in a clickable carousel.

    These modules can include: 

    • Your brand logo and description;
    • Images;
    • Q&As; and
    • Product links.

    You’re not required to use other A+ Content to create a Brand Story for ASINs. However, pairing Brand Story with A+ Content creates more compelling PDPs.

    For example, Brand Story can highlight your brand’s mission and backstory and Basic or Premium A+ Content can provide more in-depth product info. 

    Amazon A+ Considerations 

    Consider the following when choosing between Basic or Premium.

    Publishing a Basic or Premium product description will hide your original plain text description, so make sure pertinent information is carried over.

    Associated vendors can also add A+ Product Content in the “From the Manufacturer” section. This can prevent a seller from submitting A+ Content. Vendor’s A+ Content can also be used in place of the seller’s to avoid redundancies and ensure accuracy.

    Your A+ Content will be reviewed within seven business days, and once approved will go live on the Amazon store within 24 hours; however, it may take a little longer depending on the amount of content processed.

    Keep in mind that you can’t currently use A+ Content in the book, music, and DVD sections.

    What Are the Benefits of Amazon A+ Content?

    Your PDP is your best defense in building customer trust and loyalty. One wrong move — or poorly laid out product page — and shoppers will turn elsewhere. 

    According to Salsify consumer research, shoppers say high-quality product images are instrumental to their decision to click on a product in search results. And they’ll abandon their carts due to low-quality product images or videos.

    Giving customers an immersive online shopping experience can be difficult, but enhanced content — especially 360-degree images, videos, and lifestyle images — can really make your brand come to life on the page.

    Thoughtful, engaging PDP-enhanced content will give customers a taste of your personality and create a consistent user experience, increasing customer loyalty.

    Amazon A+ Content helps you deliver the shiny, detailed PDPs customers desire. You can even optimize your content to ensure you’re meeting customer expectations through A/B testing, which allows you to create two versions of your A+ Content to see which customers favor.

    It’s a win-win: You promote customers' desired content, and they can trust your brand to deliver quality products. 

    What Are Top Amazon A+ Content Examples?

    Your A+ Content should be engaging, informative, and thorough. Treat it as an opportunity to connect with customers and show them how your product will improve their lives.

    Here are three excellent examples of brands that get Amazon A+ Content right. 

    Papier Provides Reasons To Love the Brand 

    One excellent Amazon A+ Content example is the stationery brand Papier. The product’s enhanced content includes a list of reasons to love Papier, bestsellers, the brand’s mission, and videos that show a customer using the product.

    Stationery brand Papier’s Amazon A+ Content

    Image Source: Papier Amazon

    By highlighting reasons to love the brand, Papier is reinforcing their brand’s mission to provide ethically sourced, thoughtful products while providing reasons for customers to feel good about their purchases. 

    Fishwife Hooks You With Fun Fish Facts

    Tinned fish brand Fishwife’s Amazon A+ Content is colorful, fun, and informative, with information about their ethical sourcing, benefits, endorsements, and recipe ideas.

    Tinned fish brand Fishwife’s Amazon A+ Content

    Image Source: Fishwife Amazon 

    Fishwife’s emphasis on colorful content and fun graphics matches the same aesthetic you’ll find on their website, which creates a consistent user experience across channels.

    Providing recipe ideas also helps customers more easily visualize how the product can fit into their lives — and stomachs — which will drive sales.

    Graza Gives Rich Context

    Olive oil brand Graza’s Amazon A+ Content explains the effort that goes into creating their delicious product with a plethora of customer testimonial videos.

    Olive oil brand Graza’s Amazon A+ Content

    Image Source: Graza Amazon

    By providing context into their origin story and the effort it takes to create the product, Graza illustrates what sets its products apart from competitors. 

    Amazon A+ Content Will Get You an ‘A+’ With Customers 

    Enhanced content is a fabulous way to show customers what your products are capable of — Amazon A+ Content is no exception.

    Use Amazon’s flexible layouts to create enhanced content that does your brand justice. You’ll stand out from the brands that take the boring route, and customers will be drawn to your creativity.


    What Is Enhanced Product Content?

    Learn more about what constitutes enhanced product content and how you can use it to elevate your product detail pages (PDPs) to stand out on the digital shelf.


    Written by: Madeline Koufogazos

    Madeline Koufogazos (she/her) is an editor and writer at Salsify, based out of Boston. She enjoys sharing her insights on consumer trends and behaviors, commerce, media, pop culture, and travel.

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