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    How to Optimize Your Product Detail Page on | Salsify

    3 minute read
    How to Optimize Your Product Detail Page on | Salsify

    For the first time, brand marketers and ecommerce leaders have unprecedented free and near-instant view of performance across the United States’ two largest e-retailers. We’ve enhanced our existing product content grader to give you visibility into how your product content also stacks up on Get a free assessment of your top-performing Walmart product pages today. Walmart product detail page reviews

    Walmart reaches 260 million customers a week, with more than 11K stores in 28 countries and ecommerce websites in 11 countries. Your product content has the power to improve your visibility, increase conversion, boost your sales, and drive customer loyalty.

    We’ve shared how content impacts several factors behind Walmart’s merchandising strategy - from assortment to customer satisfaction in past blog posts. Now, our new grader provides a view of whether the content on a Walmart product page is meeting consumer expectations. We took a closer look at how the best performing pages were using product titles, product descriptions, feature bullets, images, and ratings and reviews to generate an overall grade as well as dig in to the details of each category.

    selling on walmart


    Tell us your brand. Find the brand name for any product on Walmart. You can also select a competing brand if you’d like to compare overall scores. A report will be automatically generated and mailed to your email inbox.

    Get your report. Based on the brand you submit, Salsify automatically scores ten of your top products across 6 categories that impact shopper purchase decisions.

    Read our analysis. The product pages are scored using a machine learning based system that encompasses industry best practices, consumer shopping research, and insights from Salsify’s database of over 27 million products.

    Share the data. With this report, you can then share the strength of your content to the stakeholders in your organization and/or start making improvements right away to your Walmart pages.

    Walmart is currently the only retailer that has an API for item setup and content refresh for 1P, marketplace, and rich media, as well as full catalog submissions. Working with a Walmart content service provider (CSP) like Salsify can help you act quickly to make improvements to the product pages on today as well as expand your market share with the world's biggest retailer.

    Walmart product detail page reviews

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    Written by: Cara Wood

    Cara Wood is fascinated with emerging technology trends and their impact on commerce and communication. Cara is an avid reader who is frequently over-caffeinated.

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