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3 FAQ about Accelerating Sales Velocity on Amazon

By Caroline Egan on 9:00 AM on June 29, 2018

Winning on Amazon requires precision and confidence across your marketing and sales teams. With a variety of factors impacting brands’ performance on the etail giant, brands need to have a deeper understanding of how they are performing. The A9 algorithm is influenced by both direct (optimized copy, availability and price) and indirect factors (fulfillment, A+ Content, Imagery, Ratings + Reviews, Advertising) that determine your Search Ranking with Amazon.

Syndicate to Dominate: 4 Steps Retailers Can Take to Team up with Brands to Win Ecommerce

By Amber Sinicrope on 8:00 AM on June 28, 2018

To win online, you must have control over how your products are displayed on the digital shelf for every consumer. Brands and retailers know that content drives success in ecommerce, but getting it there is still a manual process. There is no “easy button” for updating your product content, and in many cases, retailers haven’t invested in the pathways necessary for both of you to succeed.

Boost Your Sales on Walmart with Salsify’s New Rich Media Template Creator

By Jessica Qu on 2:28 PM on June 27, 2018

Including rich media, such as videos, compelling brand story layouts, and 360 images, on the product page has been shown to increase product page conversion rates by up to 30%. The important influence robust product content has on your sales is clear-cut, but the process, time, and cost of getting those assets live is anything but straightforward. Brands need an easier way to leverage the rich media assets everywhere they sell online, so consumers see the best possible depiction of a product at the moment they decide whether to buy.

The Rise of Ecommerce Pop-Ups & How It's Innovating the Shopping Experience

By Caroline Egan on 9:38 AM on June 26, 2018

When it comes to ecommerce first brands, a sign of success in disrupting their market is opening a brick & mortar location. We’ve seen this with Warby Parker, Bonobos, Casper, and Cuyana- Warby Parker has opened 75 locations within 8 years of its founding. While these larger, more established ecommerce brands are seeking physical expansion and have taken market share from consumer giants, smaller emerging brands enter brick & mortar with pop up stores. Ecommerce pop-up stores in particular have become a way for these brands to test out the market, gain exposure and connect with their shoppers.

How to Market in a World of "Ego"systems

By Salsify on 10:03 AM on June 25, 2018

Selling to today's consumer requires a good deal of empathy, flexibility and responsiveness. Equipped with mobile phones and plugged into social networks today's consumer has a greater sense of entitlement and expects a personalized, convenient digital experience in everything they do. Some theorists are calling this an ego-system. All experiences are judged and measured by what's in it and how it related to the individual making the purchase decision.

3 Tips to Improve Your Product Content Strategy for B2B Distributors

By Caroline Egan on 9:34 AM on June 21, 2018

With the B2B ecommerce market expected to exceed $1.2 Trillion by 2021, every aspect of the B2B supply chain is itching to get online. In order to succeed in digital commerce, manufacturers and distributors are evolving to hit customer expectations. Product information and content is a critical component manufacturers need to deliver to be able to provide the customer experience B2B buyers find informative and straight forward. But where should B2B Manufacturers start?

How a Smart Data Feed Grow Sales

By Salsify on 9:00 AM on June 20, 2018

How would you describe your brand’s process of pushing product pages live: Poor, Fair, or Excellent? If you didn’t answer “Excellent,” it’s time to review your product data feed. Increased sales are out there for the taking.

Salsify's Key Takeaways from 2018 Forrester PIM Wave Report

By Nasry Angel on 5:10 PM on June 18, 2018

The much anticipated 2018 Forrester PIM Wave has just published. While it's hot off the presses here are my key takeaways from the report as well as some highlights on Forrester’s evaluation of Salsify. In an additional post I discuss our point of view on PIM and how it fits in with modern commerce requirements.

Salsify's Point of View on the PIM Analyst Report

By Nasry Angel on 5:04 PM on June 18, 2018

I shared our key takeaways from the 2018 Forrester PIM Wave in an earlier post. The most important buying criteria for PIM Software buyers is time to value. In this post I discuss which specific factors drive faster time to value as well as what additional components beyond PIM, an effective digital commerce workflows requires.

5 Rules to Winning Consumer Trust on the Product Page

By Clair Aguirre on 10:39 AM on June 16, 2018

It is no secret that the way people shop has changed. Although consumers may prefer purchasing items in-store, their process to getting there begins in the search bar. Consumers now have the ability to research your products instantly online, and they want to make sure that they trust your brand enough to buy your product. Improving your product page starts by delivering consumers an engaging experience. During a recent webinar, we discussed the 5 critical elements brands must to focus on. 


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