Top 5 IRCE 2017 Sessions to Attend

By Peter Crosby on 8:00 AM on June 2, 2017

Next week, IRCE expects 10,000 professionals in Chicago for its annual conference. (We'll be at Booth 119!) If you are one of the brands, retailers, and technology vendors going to the show, we've got a list of some of the top sessions you should attend. Based on the success of last year's IRCE show, we know the conference can be an excellent opportunity to get the practical answers and insights into the solutions you need to succeed in selling online.

How to create the perfect product page

By Cara Wood on 12:18 PM on June 1, 2017

Consumer expectations for online shopping has never been higher. Shoppers who browse and purchase online have come to expect endless aisles of products to browse, intuitive search and filtering, personalized suggestions, easy and secure check-out, free shipping and fast delivery. This raised table stakes are due in large part to ongoing optimization from Amazon.

How I did it: 4 Lessons from a Brand CIO

By Salsify on 8:00 AM on May 26, 2017

Fifty-eight year-old promotional products supplier, Gemline, has several new product launches a year of its customizable bags, business accessories, gifts, and writing instruments. Keeping up with all these new product launches used to create a huge administrative burden, before CIO Frank Wiggins took steps to manage the company's complex product content needs and third-party integrations.

What digital means to your brand's future

By Cara Wood on 5:00 PM on May 24, 2017

Most purchases still happen in-store. Less than 15% of total retail sales is taking place online or via mobile phone. Yet, a digital device now influences 56% of all in-store sales. Shoppers are browsing online before or while they shop.

Improve your ROI with a better product content process

By Cara Wood on 7:30 AM on May 17, 2017

No matter what you sell, your profit margins are impacted by the number of products shoppers return. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), in 2015 Americans returned $260 billion in merchandise - 10% of that year's total retail sales. The average return rate for products bought online is 30 percent - in part due to the quality of the digital product content representing these brands.

Community, Culture, Collaboration...and Cycling?

By May Babraitis on 9:00 AM on May 16, 2017

As a recruiter, a lot of my time is spent thinking about how I can connect people. Engaging with talent is not just about filling an open req. Recruiting is not a job that stops when I close my laptop at 5:00pm. Connecting with great people stems far beyond clicking on a LinkedIn profile.

How to build strong shopping experiences

By Cara Wood on 8:04 AM on May 11, 2017

The strength of your brand is built on consumer interactions with you. They browse, compare product features and ultimately decide whether to buy based on how much confidence they have in the shopping experience you provide.

We’ve talked before about how retailers faced with the squeeze of Amazon’s ecommerce dominance and the nimble, digital-native vertical brands can build stronger shopping experiences . Brands must also embrace differentiating based on experience. Your starting place is to ensure you have the product content needed to engage shoppers no matter where they are. You can build strong shopping experiences by using product content to create meaningful experiences in these moments.

The 4 pillars to becoming a top-performing digital brand

By Peter Crosby on 8:00 AM on May 10, 2017

We're in the era of distributed commerce: a time when there are more consumer touch points available than ever. To reach those customers and win conversions on those domains, brands are distributing product content to where your shopper is.

Are you ready for the age of distributed commerce? Do you have the product content people, processes, and technology that you need to succeed? Here are the four things top-performing digital brands are doing well today.

PCM vs. PIM: 5 takeaways from the Forrester PIM Wave report

By Salsify on 8:00 AM on May 9, 2017

Takeaway: The differences between product information management (PIM), master data management (MDM), and product content management (PCM) are nuanced, yet significant. If you’re looking to invest in one of these tools, here’s some helpful context, what to consider during your search, and why PCM is likely the more well rounded tool to adopt.

5 key insights on how busy parents shop and why they buy

By Peter Crosby on 9:00 AM on May 5, 2017

Takeaway: Parents have very little time. They are also mobile, price-conscious, and often know exactly what they need – brand and all. To gain loyal parent shoppers, brands and retailers must understand how they shop and what they want from the experience. Here are five key insights according to our latest consumer research.