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    How to Shift from Transactional Marketing to Brand Experiences

    The digital shelf has become the only shelf for many consumers, making it a critical battlefield for brands to differentiate themselves. Learn about recent consumer findings on the impact of Covid and what you need to do to own the experience on the digital shelf.

    It’s no secret that manufacturers have been dramatically impacted by the rapid shifts in consumer behavior and the reinvention of the retail shopping model that have been accelerated by Covid. Today, digital shelves are not only valuable for researching and purchasing products – they’re actually the only channel for many as consumers address needs for safety, convenience and necessity.

    Accenture Interactive has recently completed a consumer study on the impact of consumer shopping across a number of merchandising categories to understand both the magnitude of the impact and the stickiness of the changes. Jeriad Zoghby, Global Consumer Goods & Services Lead for Accenture Interactive, will review those findings and discuss the growing importance of optimizing your brand experience in digital commerce. He will be joined by Rochelle Adams, NA PIM and DAM capability lead within Accenture Interactive, who will cover tools and architecture needed to manage engaging product experiences.

    You'll take away:
    • How changes to the retail model are leading to new burdens and risks for brands
    • The findings from Accenture Interactive’s recent pulse survey on digital commerce and which categories were most impacted by Covid
    • The importance of your brand experience and creative assets in digital commerce
    • Getting the architecture right to support the brand experience from an omni-channel perspective

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