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    Report: The Winning Elements of Amazon Beauty & Personal Care Product Pages

    Our research reveals what makes a top-performing beauty and personal care page on

    Nearly 70% of consumers say they search for, and purchase beauty and personal products through Amazon. Our research presents important lessons for your brand. To outrank your competitors and win buyer loyalty, product page content needs to be robust, place an emphasis on features and benefits, and highlight trust of former buyers with reviews and instructive videos.

    To understand where your brand fits within the current landscape, this Salsify report analyzes the description length, bullet count, number of images, number of reviews, and average rating present across more than 200,000 product pages live on Amazon within the Luxury Beauty, Makeup, Skin Care, Hair Care, Fragrance, Tools & Accessories, Personal Care, Oral Care, and Men’s Grooming categories. To demonstrate what the most successful brands are doing, our report calls out top performer averages and sub-category breakdowns at a price-point level.

    Get the report for price-range specific:

    • Full breakdowns of the current product page content deployed by personal care and beauty brands, by price point
    • Amazon Sales Rank-based high-performing and low-performing averages across every stat
    • Top-performing splits showing top performer averages within respective Beauty & Personal Care categories
    • Tactical and strategic takeaways from high-performing brands

    Salsify is the product experience management platform for thousands of brands and retailers worldwide.

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