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    10 Key Takeaways from the Walmart Webinar

    5 minute read
    10 Key Takeaways from the Walmart Webinar

    Missed our webinar with Walmart? We’ve got you covered.

    We recently hosted a webinar with Reena Khinsavara, Product Manager at Walmart eCommerce, to talk about their new product content specs and what brand suppliers need to do to sell more on And the thing that keeps ringing in my head is the idea that putting a product online without great product content is like putting it on a store shelf with no label. [Tweet This!]

    Even in-store, a recent Think With Google article shows that 79% of customers are researching online before they make their purchase decision. 

    Walmart is ready to meet their customers where they’re at.

    Our goal is to provide the most accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive product information to our customers – regardless of how they shop – to improve the shopping experience for our customers,” says Ram Rampalli, Global Head of Acquisition at Walmart. 

    Here are the ten key takeaways from the webinar:

    1. Providing better content to Walmart increases the likelihood of your product getting found and chosen by customers. By providing more accurate and complete information, your product is more likely to appear in search engine results and be purchased by potential customers.

    2. Smart phones have changed the way people shop. With two-thirds of the population owning smartphones and this number only increasing, you can’t afford to not have your content online.

    3. Shoppers pursue information throughout their entire purchase decision. Consumers will look for your products online before they get to the store, while they’re at the store, and even after they’ve made their purchase decision.

    4. Great content catches customers. 73% of consumers surveyed say that detailed product content is the single most important factor in the search and selection process.

    5. Providing great content enhances the customer experience. 43% of customers can’t find the product information they need in-store, and were left feeling frustrated. By providing great content, you can help customers get to “buy” sooner.

    6. Improve data accuracy to drive advocates. By producing great content, Walmart can more accurately display your data. Brands are the best advocates for their product.

    7. By uploading your complete catalog onto Walmart’s system, Walmart will make your content available to Walmart merchants across every Walmart entity including Sam’s Club and

    8. Get your product content to Walmart and sell more this holiday shopping season. By providing great product content to Walmart, you will enhance the likelihood of your product being purchased in time for the holidays.

    9. Work with a content solution provider to get your content uploaded quickly, and increase your speed to market. Alternatively, you can map your content online and submit directly through Retail Link.

    10. Regardless of whether you choose to submit directly through Retail Link or use a content solution provider, follow the six step process to meet Walmart’s requirements

                 1)   Build the list of products you want to send to Walmart.
                 2)  Identify the content you have and the content creators.
                 3)  Download the content spec requirements.
                 4)  Map your content to the new Walmart specs, identify gaps.
                 5)  Fill in the gaps with the team you’ve created.
                 6)  Publish your content as it’s ready.

    We recommend choosing the products with highest sales to maximize return for effort. You can find the list of GTINS Walmart has prioritized for your brand in the DCQI report on RetailLink.

    Need more info? Download the slides from the webinar here.

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    Written by: Evelyn Hartz

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