Salsify Launches New Capabilities for Retailers to Improve Content Collaboration with Suppliers


Boston, MA (September 20, 2016) - Salsify, the only product content management (PCM) platform for distributed commerce, today announced new capabilities to its platform. The new release allows retailers to close the loop with their suppliers, delivering previously unavailable collaboration functionality to drive efficient and continuous product content improvement. This is necessary to meet the demanding needs of today’s digital shopper. Results include faster time to market, a differentiated consumer experience, expanded assortments and increased sales.

The challenge faced by retailers lies in collecting high quality base level content from all of their suppliers, for every SKU they sell, to give consumers the content they demand in order to buy. With fierce competition in the digital space, the need to differentiate by creating great experiences for customers is critical. Retailers must expand their product assortment and ensure complete, accurate, and compelling product content for consumers whenever and wherever they shop. The newly expanded Salsify platform provides retailers and suppliers with the ability to power the entire Product Content Management Lifecycle, offering retailers the ability to easily and efficiently collect data from multiple sources, validate and enrich it for a unique customer experience, and publish the content they need for each endpoint. Notably, the improved platform also allows retailers to share actionable insights with suppliers to help them continuously improve the quality of content they deliver based on consumer behavior.

“Retailers know they need to deliver a differentiated customer experience if they want to compete on things other than price and availability,” said Jason Purcell, co-founder and CEO of Salsify. “But the product content that powers these experiences is expensive and time-consuming to procure and maintain - unless the suppliers are engaged. Our new platform release not only enables retailer collaboration with their supplier base to broaden assortments, but also, by sharing metrics, Salsify encourages that collaboration. Together, retailers and suppliers shorten time to market and improve the quality of the customer experience.”

With these expanded capabilities, retailers and distributors can:

  • Speed time to market with dedicated supplier accounts: The retailer can provide each supplier their own Salsify account with all the retailer requirements built in for a collaborative experience. This ensures accuracy from the start and eliminates the friction typical of the content onboarding process. Users can easily create, validate, and submit product content for each SKU, view the status of all submissions, and receive product and attribute level feedback directly.
  • Ensure data quality with schema creation and validation: Retailers can define product content requirements for each category and create validation rules for supplier content submissions and other third party data.
  • Optimize content quickly with interactive content review: Supplier content no longer goes into a black hole. Internal merchandising teams can easily view, comment on, and approve or reject product content submitted by each supplier in a single environment.
  • Merge content from third party data feeds: Retailers can import content from any third party source (e.g., data pools and content creators) via API or manual upload to create or enhance content received from suppliers.
  • Provide content performance metrics to drive supplier engagement: Retailers can easily share insights on how supplier content performs, and how to improve that performance for the next content refresh. Providing this data gives a powerful incentive for supplier to invest in continual improvement.

Salsify will be providing in-person demos of the expanded platform in Booth 7086 at Shop.Org: Retail’s Digital Summit on September 26-28 in Dallas. Stop by the booth or click here to set up a demo.

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