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Gaining Control: A Holistic Approach to Channel Strategy

As shoppers continue to shift to online shopping channels at unprecedented rates, many brand manufacturers have started to reconsider their routes to market. These brands are now also leveraging sales channels that offer more control, such as marketplaces.

But these brands also struggle with some of the most common challenges that come with third-party (3P) sellers. From 3P sellers misrepresenting products online — generating unwarranted bad reviews for brands — to undercutting minimum advertised pricing (MAP) guidelines, these routes can cause conflicts with traditional brick-and-mortar channels.

These channels offer both threats and opportunities for brand manufacturers, which is why brand executives must consider a holistic approach to find digital shelf success.

Denise Zmuda, chief strategy and client success officer at ecommerce consulting group Vorys eControl, and Daren Garcia, partner at Vorys eControl, share actionable insights in the latest Digital Shelf Virtual Summit session. Learn how to rethink route-to-market strategies, develop a holistic offline and online channel approach, and effectively exert control over distribution and sales.