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Signaling a Recovery to Drive Demand

J. Walker Smith, called one of America’s leading analysts on consumer trends by Fortune magazine, shares essential insights to help brands face the ongoing demand shock with a new strategy: the four-step Kantar Signaling Framework. Learn how this framework could help brands reawaken the economy.

“Demand is the problem. Signaling is the solution.”— J. Walker SmithChief Knowledge Officer, Kantar

Historically in moments of crisis, consumers look to signals from brand manufacturers and companies to know when it's safe to shop again. While many manufacturers are dealing with demand shock, they may not realize the role they can play in reactivating the economy.

When the time comes, and the economy reopens, brands must be ready to show customers that they're prepared to do business.

Watch the latest Digital Shelf Virtual Summit Session, where J. Walker Smith, chief knowledge officer at growth consultancy firm Kantar, shares his tested framework for brands to reawaken the economy.

Smith has been called one of America's leading analysts on consumer trends by Fortune magazine, and he will walk you through the Kantar Signaling Framework, a straightforward, four-step system for regaining momentum in the market. He will also share the latest market insights and lessons learned from prior business disruptions.

Every brand has a role to play in sending the right signals to consumers that reactivate market demand. Every brand also faces an unprecedented opportunity to leverage these signals to expand market share within their category.

You'll take away:

  • How to apply the four-step Kantar Signaling Framework to your commerce strategy;
  • A breakdown of demand shock and its current impact on the market;
  • A breakdown of signaling and how it can be used to reawaken the economy;
  • Lessons learned from prior business disruptions and recoveries; and
  • An outline of the opportunities available for brands who take action now.