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    Data Report: The Sales Impact of Optimized Product Content

    Real world data on what drives sales across the digital shelf

    Branded product pages on the digital shelf have become incredibly important both as a sales and marketing channel. For that reason, most brands are putting time and resources into improving the content of their product pages. But how exactly does content impact the numbers every business relies on? Read this report to get deep statistical insights on how product page content impacts search ranking, online market share, and sales overall.

    This study includes a range of analyses to help you quantify the actual sales value of your brand's product content using a variety of methodologies, including:

    • An analysis of more than 500,000 Amazon search results pages
    • A full-year examination of 60,000 Amazon product pages across 78 brands working with Salsify
    • Data and stories from individual Salsify customers that invested in product content optimization

    Salsify is the product experience management platform for thousands of brands and retailers worldwide.

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