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    November 13, 2013

    Whitepaper: Why Product Content is the Secret Ingredient in Health and Beauty Marketing

    by: Emily Saka

    A month ago we wrote a blog post about the digital revolution hitting health and beauty in full force (see How The Beauty 2.0 Awards Cements The Digital Revolution in Beauty). Even if the industry is late to the game as a whole, by looking at the Beauty 2.0 Award nominations for Best Brand Website, Best E-Commerce Website, and Best Mobile Site it is clear that the finalists are a step above the rest in having great content that drives a delightful shopping experience.

    At Salsify, we believe that product content is the secret ingredient for successful online marketing. This prompts us to not only ask questions about what is holding companies back from creating great content, but also find solutions that enable them to have an effective digital presence.

    In this white paper, we discuss why creating product content is so critical, but more importantly why it’s so difficult to do. We also present a new way of thinking about what any solution must have in order to fully address the product content management challenge for growing businesses.

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