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    November 8, 2018
    3 minute read

    Conversational Marketing for Ecommerce Websites | Salsify

    by: Cara Wood

    With the rise of voice technology and chat bots, consumers now expect the ability to ask specific product questions whenever and wherever they shop. Conversational commerce allows brands to interact with customers directly during their buying journey. Shoppers can ask questions and get personal and direct response and recommendations. This immediate feedback can go a long way to nurturing long-term relationships and driving sales and loyalty.

    Where these conversations take place is critical. Embedding a chat box directly on a retailer’s product detail page allows a customer to easily click to chat with product experts. Consumers can get the help they need, exactly when they need it - straight from the product experts at the brand.

    Busy retailer ecommerce sites, like and, have already adopted these tactics. Today we announced the acquisition of Welcome Commerce, a chat product that enables brands to connect directly with consumers on major retailer ecommerce sites. This technology, now called Salsify Chat, allows brands to engage with shoppers and speak directly to them at the moment of purchase.

    Salsify Chat integrates with many existing chat and customer service tools so shoppers can initiate a real-time conversation with product experts. It is used by leading brands such as P&G, HP, and Purina is one of the only third-party systems with real estate on the world’s largest retailers.

    Here’s how Salsify Chat works for ecommerce websites


    What should you look for in a conversational commerce strategy?

    • Drive Efficiency. Get consumers answers in real-time , in the context they are shopping in from the internal teams most equipped to answer them.
    • Retain Attention. Keep shoppers on the product detail page rather than losing them to search, a competitor’s products or another retail site.
    • Speed Time-to-Checkout. Give shoppers the confidence to buy, addressing issues quickly and directly.
    • Build Trust and Loyalty. Provide help and assistance that make it as convenient and frictionless as possible for consumers to shop with you so they return for repeat purchases.
    • Learn from Customers. Take the opportunity to adapt and optimize existing product content to address the most common questions and pain points from shoppers.

    Product content drives sales. Shoppers seek convenience. The ultimate product experience is one that provides the answers that your shopper needs in the language and the context they are looking for it when they want it. Modern conversational commerce with Salsify Chat allows you to make those direct connections at the point of purchase and drive faster purchase decisions.



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