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    Salsify and Sam’s Club: The Anatomy of a Best-Selling Product Page


    Sam’s Club closed their most recent quarter with ecommerce sales growing by 42%. As one of the top three wholesale retailers in the U.S., it’s essential for your customers to have a seamless experience on Sam’s Club’s website. In this live webinar, we’ll help you focus your efforts on providing the best product experience possible for your customers.

    Consumers are looking for product pages that use highly visual image galleries, videos, comparison charts, and more. This type of below-the-fold content has shown to increase conversion by an average of 10%. We’ll provide you with examples of brands that are successfully utilizing rich media content on Sam’s Club’s website and teach how you can emulate them. 

    Watch the webinar on-demand with Sam’s Club to learn more about their  ecommerce strategy and how you can deliver engaging content at the speed and scale required.