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    How to Maximize Brand Growth Through the Rise of Retail Media


    The retail market is in an exciting era of acceleration, and ecommerce players large and small are taking pages out of the Amazon playbook. 

    Retail giants like Target, Instacart, and Walmart are building their own advertising marketplaces. Third-party ad platforms like Criteo are paving the way for grocery chains and department stores alike to take a piece of the retail media budget. 

    For brand marketers, this proliferation offers an unparalleled opportunity to reach consumers wherever they shop, but it also presents new challenges for media planning.

    Join us on-demand to hear from Melissa Burdick, a 10-year Amazon veteran and now president and co-founder of Pacvue, the enterprise platform for ecommerce advertising. 

    Burdick will share her advice for navigating this new retail media landscape. You’ll learn how to set fluid budgets, evaluate disparate retailers under a common lens, and uncover new opportunities for growth.