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    Webinar: 3 Keys to Building a Successful Global Digital Shelf Organisation


    The COVID-19 pandemic has forced brand manufacturers across the globe to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. As consumers take on new shopping behaviour, brands are faced with a new set of challenges to protect brand loyalty, drive sales, and grow market share.

    Success on the digital shelf requires continuous effort and optimisation. Shoppers must be engaged at every touchpoint -- especially as retailer requirements and algorithms are constantly changing. A ‘set it and forget it approach’ will not support the rapid rate of transformation so it’s crucial for brands to leverage processes and systems that can evolve with the ecommerce ecosystem.

    Join us to unpack the complexities of building a successful global digital shelf organization and hear from leading brands, Essity and Johnson & Johnson, on how they prioritize initiatives and structure their teams to provide best-in-class experiences for their customers.