How Salsify Can Help SanDisk Grow Ecommerce Market Share

In 2018, ecommerce accounted for 30.2% of computers/electronics retail sales in the U.S. With nimble upstarts popping up every day, the threat to your market share as a global electronics manufacturer is bigger than ever. Salsify helps brands like SanDisk.

As a company that's been around since 1988, SanDisk has seen decades of change in how consumers shop for their products. Now, with exponential growth in online sales across the electronics category, it's more important than ever to scale your ecommerce presence to meet these demands.

At Salsify, we work with global brands like Harman, Duracell, VTech, Energizer and more to ensure they are creating the best shopping experience no matter where their consumers buy.

We had the chance to take a look at some of SanDisk's products on Amazon, and thought we could provide some strategic recommendations on how to drive more traffic and sales, and show you how Salsify can help accomplish these.

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See How Salsify Helps Brands Like SanDisk

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