2020 B2B Next Conference & Exhibition

Join Salsify at the B2B Next Conference!

What it is.

If you’re going to attend only one eCommerce conference this year, this should be it. The B2B Next Conference connects manufacturers, distributors, and resellers to strategize on meeting customer expectations and delivering optimum ecommerce performance.

Why we're going. 

Salsify is headed to B2B Next to hear from and connect with the top players in the eCommerce industry. We look forward to gaining actionable insights, hearing from expert speakers and network with other professionals in the field.

Why you should too. 

If you’re looking to position your company to win the high-stakes ecommerce race, the B2B Next Conference is designed to get you there. Don’t forget to stop by the Salsify booth — and check out our speaking slot — to connect with us on actionable plans!

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