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    How to Win the Amazon Algorithm

    Amazon’s data shows that 70 percent of Amazon customers never click past the first page of search results. But how can your brand’s products reach - and stay on - the first page of search results? Product content is a main component of a successful Amazon strategy and can help boost your product’s visibility and conversion.

    Join Daniel Gibbs, Co-founder of FastPack FBA and the TAI Group and former Marketplace Consultant at Amazon, and Sarah Fischbaugh, Product Marketing Lead, Salsify Activation as they discuss ways to make sure your brand is making the most of its Amazon presence, including:

    • Key trends on Amazon that your brand can leverage to win on the digital shelf;
    • Understanding the A9 algorithm and which factors help you achieve a high search ranking; and
    • How to measure the success of your product pages and continuously improve them.

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