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    Creating A One-Stop-Shop For Your Amazon Business, Amazon Advertising

    The food and beverage industry was once defined by the brick-and-mortar grocery stores that we all frequented on Sunday afternoons, after work, before the big party, you name it. But today, while supermarkets are still the primary means of shopping for your food, there are a number of other options to get your groceries. 

    The digital shelf has provided ample access to getting your groceries delivered with an easy online shopping experience. Amazon and their subsidiary, Whole Foods, are a major player within the grocery industry and food and beverage brands must win on Amazon’s digital platforms.

    Join us for a new webinar series from Salsify and Hinge Global, “Creating a One-Stop Shop For Your Amazon Business.” In the final iteration, we will be focused on product discovery and the Amazon ads that optimize it.

    You can expect to learn:
    • How to utilize advertising for your search rank
    • Campaign type and funnel expectations with your high-level advertising strategy
    • The full flywheel of Amazon advertising from asset creation to budget recommendation

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