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    Build Brands and Drive Sales on Emerging Ecommerce Platforms

    As online sales continue to expand, shoppers are now seeking out personalized digital solutions that save them time and money. There are many tried-and-tested, brick-and-mortar promotional tactics — from weekly circular ads and coupons to multiple buys.

    But retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands must develop specific marketing and merchandising tools for ecommerce that satisfy shoppers, expand brand presence, drive traffic, and promote profitable baskets.

    Emerging third-party (3P) platforms like Instacart, Shipt, goPuff, and eMeals offer new ways to reach consumers, build brands, and drive sales.

    John Carroll, founder of Creative Commerce Solutions and former vice president and general manager of ecommerce at The Coca-Cola Company, helps brands develop inspiring commerce solutions for a merging physical and digital world.

    Watch the latest Digital Shelf Virtual Summit session, where Carroll will share insights on how up-and-coming platforms are shaping the consumer path to purchase.

    You’ll gain many actionable insights, including:

    • An overview of and growth projections for emerging 3P platforms;
    • An outline of the types of marketing and sales activation;
    • Real-world examples of CPG brand activations; and
    • Clear steps for how to evaluate online performance.

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