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    The Current State of Global DTC Commerce

    What Brands Needs To Beat the Competition in the Growing DTC Ecommerce Space

    As direct-to-consumer (DTC) ecommerce continues to grow — and brands continue to prioritize these channels — a powerful product information management (PIM) solution becomes even more vital to ensure ecommerce teams have the agility and speed needed to stay ahead of the competition.

    Download this report to gain insights into the growing DTC market, learn why established brands are now in direct competition with digitally native vertical brands (DNVBs) on this channel, and learn how a PIM solution could offer enormous benefits for your brand.

    What’s Inside?

    • Insights on why DTC ecommerce is an enormous opportunity for brands worldwide;
    • An exploration of the benefits a DTC ecommerce model offers brands — both legacy brands and DNVBs; and
    • A breakdown of how a PIM solution can help a DTC ecommerce program succeed in this competitive space.

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