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    Digital Shelf Institute Report

    Building Resilience: Brand Strategies for Success in the Evolving European Consumer Landscape

    With stubbornly high inflation, shaky consumer confidence, and rapidly shifting shopping habits, it’s no wonder many brands are asking a critical question: What comes next? Faced with uncertainty, the way consumers shop is changing. The Digital Shelf Institute (DSI) partnered with Steffan Willis from Interpretive Economics to analyze the economic climate in Europe and outline strategies brands can leverage to navigate this period of uncertainty.

    Given the speed at which the European commerce landscape is evolving, making firm predictions about what will happen in the future is likely a fool’s errand. A more effective approach? Gaining the information and insights needed to make informed decisions and develop resilient strategies for the future.

    Download this report to explore:

    • The impact inflation and falling disposable income are having on consumer behavior;
    • How those factors interact with changing shopping habits; and
    • What these trends mean for brand manufacturers in the U.K., France, and Germany.

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