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    Under the Hood: Salsify PIM

    Amplifi performed an in-depth analysis of the Salsify PXM platform with their proven Under the Hood assessment methodology. By diving deep and building out complex use cases, the IT consultancy built an expert perspective brands can use to evaluate the value of the software. 

    Salsify exceeded Amplifi’s expectations for Data Modeling, Enhanced Content, Workflow, Syndication, and Operational Use. “Salsify’s PIM platform now competes with the biggest names in the MDM space, while continuing to greatly exceed the channel-specific syndication capabilities of these rival tools,” according to the report.

    The full report uncovered:

    • Salsify is on par with other platforms for key PIM capabilities (enterprise user permissioning, data validations, and scalability);

    • Salsify’s new data modeling capabilities provide a strong foundation for good data practices;

    • Salsify's workflow engine exceeds expectations - flexible enough to model complex processes while being user-friendly;

    • Salsify is well positioned to remain a PIM leader because of the integration of enhanced content, syndication and digital asset management capabilities alongside such a high-performance PIM.

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