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    Amazon Business: Accelerating the Move to Digital for Manufacturers, Brands, and Distributors

    With Amazon Business expected to cross $52 billion in annual sales by 2023, the writing is on the wall for traditional business-to-business (B2B) industry players. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has forced many buyers online, further accelerating Amazon's presence on B2B channels.

    But Amazon isn't just coming to B2B; it's already here. The marketplace juggernaut is investing millions to accommodate the digital demands of the next generation of business buyers. Younger B2B buyers will comprise over 75% of the global workforce by the end of 2025. And these buyers are not only digital natives — they're also Amazon natives. These buyers go online to research and purchase products, and Amazon is their first stop.

    Did you see this coming? If you are a manufacturer or distributor, you must have an Amazon strategy.

    Product makers should embrace this as an evolution of distribution channels. Distributors can learn from what Amazon is doing. The bar is going up. Should you sell on Amazon? If you decide to sell, what steps do you need to take? What resources and budget do you need?

    We will answer these questions and more during our session with B2B ecommerce expert Brian Beck, author of “Billion Dollar B2B Ecommerce” and managing partner at Enceiba.

    This session covers:

    • What is Amazon Business, and why is it poised for such dramatic growth;
    • Key features and functionalities Amazon brings to market to serve B2B buyers and sellers;
    • Strategies for determining how — and what — to sell on Amazon;
    • The foundational elements of building a successful Amazon program; and
    • The resources your brand needs to grow.

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