Win the Sale

New data on how brands and retailers must partner to meet shopper demands

To start, what do shoppers want?

Shoppers want to see product content before they buy. Consumers will keep searching until they find content that gives them the confidence to spend.




How are brands and retailers meeting this demand?
We asked EchoCove Research to help us find out. They surveyed ecommerce executives at 250 brands and retailers on the state of product content in their organizations today. The results show a clear divide across the industry.
Retailers value product content more than brands do 

Retailers know they need detailed product content to drive sales.




Retailers use product content to drive business results

Retailers can't sell more across more channels without help from brands.



But, brands are still struggling internally

Without reliable systems in place, brands, retailers, and consumers suffer.



A majority of brands are misrepresented online

Content accuracy won't improve in silos. Brands must prioritize stronger retailer relationships.



Brands want insights and transparency from retailers

Retailers can use performance data to drive investment in content from brands.




Ultimately, retailers and brands share the same priorities

Both agree content accuracy and faster time to market will drive results.



The world is only going to get more complex

So you must deliver product content to everywhere consumers shop.



Retailers and brands agree: They need better product content management

To differentiate, you must invest in a solution that supports continuous content creation, collaboration, and optimization. 
Effective product content management is a collaborative closed-loop process

The right process will speed time to market, increase digital assortments and grow your sales.