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    Digital Shelf Playbook Webinar Series

    Our webinar series introduces you to the most common milestones brand manufacturers face when optimizing their position on the digital shelf. You will learn how to diagnose your company’s current digital shelf maturity, build a customized roadmap, and apply new strategies to master each step of the journey and drive alignment across your organization

    Set the Right Distribution Priorities

    Learn how to set the right distribution priorities for your products so they perform well on the digital shelf.

    Develop and Grow Your Product Content Strategy

    Build a content strategy for any stage of your maturity that can adapt to the changing needs of retailers and trends in the space.

    Navigate Change Management

    Learn about best practices for change management and how you can support teams as they adopt new processes and technology to reach their goals.

    Tackle Ecommerce Education and Understanding Across Your Organization

    In this webinar, we'll cover how to educate your organization on ecommerce and provide examples of other organizations that have executed this successfully.

    Build a Customized Roadmap to Meet Your Growth Goal

    Introducing the Digital Shelf Maturity Curve. Learn the common milestones that global brands set to improve product visibility, sales, and market share on the digital shelf.

    Adopt a Process to Support Your Growth and Market Agility

    Join Peter Crosby and Lauren Livak from Salsify to discuss best practices and tips for developing and implementing a digital shelf process.

    Drive Organizational Change with Executive Leadership Principles

    In order to bring the organization on the digital journey it is important that executive leadership communicates the overall goals and importance of digital in the greater ecosystem.This starts with understanding at the highest level and also includes engagement at all levels of the organization.

    Establish and Build Your Content Readiness

    Jenny-Wilson from multinational beauty company, Coty will walk you through her approach for assessing data and content readiness. Commerce experts Lauren Livak and Peter Crosby from the Digital Shelf Institute will also share their insights on building your action plan for digital shelf success.

    FTD + DSI | Enabling the Right Technology

    Lauren Livak, Director of the Digital Shelf Institute, and Matt Powell, CTO of FTD, discuss why enabling technology is important and how to find the right tech stack for your organization.

    Develop a Winning Team

    As digital transformation becomes prevalent among all organizations, brands must have the right strike team in place to reach ecommerce success. Managing a successful business requires a team with extensive industry experience, strategic foresight, and strong cross-functional capabilities.

    Establish KPIs & Measure the Value of Your Digital Shelf

    In this webinar, Lauren Livak, Director of the Digital Shelf Institute, and Whitney Young, Director of Ecommerce at Energizer discuss the critical KPIs of the digital shelf and why it’s imperative to measure your successes in your ecommerce strategy.


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