On-Demand Webinar: Why a PIM-Only Approach Will Fail

What Technology Leads to Success in Modern Commerce?


Whether your brand is selling to businesses or consumers, there are more demands for robust product data in market than ever before. If your team is considering investing in a PIM system, you need to ensure that it can keep pace with demands of modern commerce.

Traditional PIM and MDM technology is focused on managing product data and establishing a trusted, single source of truth for the enterprise. While this is a foundational step in bringing products to market it’s not nearly sufficient to be competitive in modern commerce.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about how Salsify is filling the gap between data management tools and what consumers see at the point of sale.

  • How the latest changes impact your company’s tech needs
  • 7 common pitfalls of a PIM-only approach
  • What to look for when making technology decisions


Product content is the core of a great customer experience.

The Salsify product experience management (PXM) platform combines the power of product content management, which includes product information management and digital asset management capabilities, alongside a broad commerce ecosystem, and actionable insights — empowering brands to deliver compelling shopping experiences for consumers across every digital touchpoint.

Increase Revenue

Create and publish detailed product content that results in improved search performance and better product page conversion.

Expand Assortment

Expand Assortment

Support rapid SKU introduction by pulling from a trusted source of product content for each of your products.

Grow Market Share

Grow Market Share

Get more products into market, with better content, faster than your competition.

Speed Time to Market

Deliver accurate product content to market quickly and within the unique requirements of each sales channel.

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