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    Executive POV: What Legacy Brands Can Learn From DNVBs

    Established legacy brands have much to learn from digitally native vertical brands (DNVBs) — especially as these direct-to-consumer (D2C) companies prioritize innovation and agility, further increasing competition across categories.

    Byron Kerr has worked on both sides of the digital commerce aisle: As the former head of ecommerce at DNVB Tuft & Needle, he oversaw the bedding brand's scrappy and agile approach. At his current role at global bedding giant Serta Simmons Bedding, he now drives digital transformation at scale to compete with DNVBs like Tuft & Needle.

    Kerr shares his insights on organizational transformation to help you optimize your D2C strategy, as well as his big wins and lessons learned from working both sides of the digital commerce aisle.

    Here's what you'll take away from this webinar:
    • How to build the business case for a D2C strategy
    • Why an iterative test-and-learn mindset is essential for D2C success
    • How to embed a D2C mindset throughout a traditionally retail-centric organization
    • Why "customer obsession" must inform every aspect of your D2C strategy
    • How to choose a marketplace versus a branded site or marketplace and branded site approach
    • How to develop the people and skillsets needed to succeed

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