The Era of Omni-Commerce: New Insights for Dominating the Digital Shelf and Beyond


Welcome to the era of omni-commerce. From Instagram to Walmart and from Google to Pinterest, consumers have many options above and beyond Amazon for online product research and purchases. How can brands effectively reach their consumers across all of today’s top ecommerce channels to dominate the digital shelf and maximize sales? Join Catalyst’s Meghan Lanvin and Kantar’s Rachel Dalton to learn how. They’ll debut new original research that explores these topics and more.  Audiences will receive an unmatched look at consumers’ online shopping behavior across key ecommerce platforms for the entire customer journey, from inspiration and discovery, all the way to purchase. By comparing online shopping trends with advertisers’ investments in ecommerce platforms, the new research will also showcase opportunities for more effective ecommerce strategies. 

Gain actionable insights that will help you build stronger connections with shoppers and buyers while building your long-term revenue.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The most influential channels throughout each stage of the consumer journey: Learn when and how consumers are utilizing specific channels to make purchase decisions.
  • The power of the PDP: Our research shows that PDPs are more important than ever. We’ll explain why and share strategies for making your PDP a valuable brand asset and sales driver.
  • Emerging opportunities: From enhanced offerings across retail media networks to up-and-coming platforms and channels, learn how to stay ahead of the curve and foster ecommerce innovation at your organization.

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