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Webinar Recap: A Faster Way to Publish Products to The Home Depot

Posted by Cara Wood on 10:33 AM on January 31, 2018

If you make hardware, tools, or other constructions supplies, getting your products listed correctly on HomeDepot.com is critical to your sales results. The home improvement retailer is on a course to surpass $100 billion of annual revenue by the end of its fiscal year – in large part due to an aggressive ecommerce strategy. Brands like yours need a reliable, repeatable process to send content to The Home Depot quickly. 

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Onboarding product content to The Home Depot can be difficult for many brands. There’s a lot of manual data entry involved and mistakes happen when migrating data into The Home Depot Quicksheets. The Salsify team has been making some significant investments into automating key parts of the Quicksheets process to reduce the time it takes our customers to set up new SKUs.

This week, Rana Kannan, Sr. Manager of our Business Development team at Salsify and Myles Schulze, Customer Success Analyst at Salsify were joined by members of the IDM team from The Home Depot for a webinar to discuss Salsify’s new Automated Quicksheets capability.

How it works: Salsify can help reduce cycle time for The Home Depot by demonstrating the Automated Quicksheets Process. We developed a push-button experience that automates data entry, keeps the Home Depot’s requirements up to date, and work for any number of products and categories.

Over the last few months we’ve supported about a dozen customers in getting roughly 800 products to The Home Depot in a more automated manner, saving hundreds of hours of their time. “Using Salsify’s Automated Quicksheets saves me 75% of the time I was spending to send data to Home Depot,” said Gregg Todd, Ecommerce Data Coordinator, Eaton Corp.

Jason Wise at Alfi Trade Inc., another Salsify customer, has also been leveraging the sheets: “Automated Quicksheets have taken the hassle out of getting my company's product quickly into the necessary Home Depot IDM workflows.”

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