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    The Death of a Single Source of Truth


    April 27, 2021 at 1pm ET

    The single source of truth for product data isn’t really dead — it has evolved. Even if you have a PIM in place, your data often lives everywhere and nowhere at the same time - it’s scattered across disconnected systems, teams and processes. And this is because your PIM is only built to store physical shelf content, so business users are going everywhere else for the content they need for the digital shelf. This means that your real source of truth, based on what your consumers see, is often a spreadsheet maintained by business users where you have no control or visibility into how your product data is being manipulated and transformed.

    Join experts Bob Land, VP of Consumer Experience at Dorel Juvenile, Chris Colyar, Chief Technology Officer at Amplifi, and Manny Ochoa, Commerce Strategy Director at Salsify, as they discuss why brands need to take a new approach to managing product information in the age of the digital shelf to power multi-channel commerce experiences.