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    Beyond Syndication Series: How Caleres became a more Efficient and Effective Organization with Salsify's PIM Solution

    Interested in hearing from other Salsify customers and industry leaders? Looking to expand on the ways you are using Salsify today? Watch this on-demand webinar as Sam Burke, PIM Supervisor at Caleres, shares best practices for winning on the digital shelf using Salsify. 

    For many manufacturers today, continuous improvement of their production processes is essential for driving product innovation, exceeding customer expectations, and keeping one step ahead of the competition. But for Caleres, a footwear manufacturer that sells more than 500K varieties of shoes, continuous improvement is also critical for selling and winning on the digital shelf. 

    That’s why in 2018 Caleres invested in Salsify’s PIM solution. By bringing all their product information into one system of record, Caleres’ teams now have greater visibility and control of their data, and can quickly and easily get accurate product copy on the digital shelf. 

    Moreover, the once siloed teams are now closely collaborating to enhance their customers’ digital experiences and finding ways to be more competitive in the rapidly changing digital marketplace.  

    You’ll take away:

    • How to improve collaboration by including more people and teams within Salsify
    • Where to focus resources for added efficiencies and time saving automation
    • Ways Salsify can be your system of record and system of work across your organization

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