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    The Great Brand Debate: Insource or Outsource?


    The omnichannel marketing world is in a state of continual change — from new channels and the explosion of retailer ad platforms to shifting logistics and operational challenges.

    These shifts force many brand leaders to question what to do to keep up: Should I build skills and teams in-house or outsource to experienced partners? What are the variables I must consider when deciding?

    Our upcoming webinar, which will also be a live recording for the Unpacking the Digital Shelf podcast, will host two brand executives and two agency leaders who will debate this critical question: Insource or outsource?

    On the agency side, we'll be joined by Melissa Burdick, co-founder and CEO of advertising platform Pacvue, and John Denny, VP of ecommerce and digital marketing at CAVU Venture Partners. On the brand side, we'll be joined by Macarena Herrera, ecommerce performance marketing media team lead at Reckitt Benckiser, and Jim Morgan, head of ecommerce at Vita Coco.

    Podcast host Peter Crosby will moderate this discussion, where these experts will provide their POVs on outsourcing versus insourcing, lessons learned from each path, and a decision tree to help your organization make the right decision at the right time.

    You'll take away:
    • A framework for rationalizing insourcing versus outsourcing for your unique situation
    • Expert POVs on the great debate question of insourcing versus outsourcing
    • Variable considerations across retail management, media, and operations teams
    • Real-world case studies highlighting hires versus partners and building versus buying

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