On-Demand Webinar: Three Key Elements of a Winning Electronics Product Page

New research reveals category-specific conversion drivers for electronics products

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The way consumers shop for electronics is markedly different from how they shop for other product categories. With higher average price points and more technical specifications than other types of products, electronics brands have to work much harder to encourage consumers to pull the trigger on purchases. 

We analyzed over 140,000 electronics product pages along with products from our dataset of over 30 million products in the Salsify platform and identified the three key elements of a winning electronics product page. Of all the categories for which our data team has performed this type of research, the electronics category has produced the most interesting results. 

In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn:

  • Aggregate breakdowns of product page content deployed by electronics brands and their corresponding sales rank
  • Conversion impact and best practices on enhanced content (A+, rich media, etc) for electronics products
  • The importance and impact of interacting directly with shoppers right at their time of purchase decision


Product content is the core of a great customer experience.

The Salsify product experience management (PXM) platform combines the power of product content management, which includes product information management and digital asset management capabilities, alongside a broad commerce ecosystem, and actionable insights — empowering brands to deliver compelling shopping experiences for consumers across every digital touchpoint.

Increase Revenue

Create and publish detailed product content that results in improved search performance and better product page conversion.

Expand Assortment

Expand Assortment

Support rapid SKU introduction by pulling from a trusted source of product content for each of your products.

Grow Market Share

Grow Market Share

Get more products into market, with better content, faster than your competition.

Speed Time to Market

Deliver accurate product content to market quickly and within the unique requirements of each sales channel.

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