On-Demand Webinar: Boost the Sales Impact of your Digital Strategy

Ensure you're getting the most out of your digital efforts


Now more than ever, consumers demand an immersive product experience online —regardless of where the final purchase is made. Delivering on that for every customer across every touchpoint requires a coordinated and nimble effort across your marketing, sales, and ecommerce teams.

Want to learn the secret?

It all starts with using the digital shelf to tell your product story. Johnson & Johnson's Jennifer Alexander and Salsify's Rob Gonzalez tackle that topic and discuss how collaborative effort across teams and experience-focused digital strategies can maximize sales both online and in-store. E
levating ecommerce beyond a sales channel to a strategic advantage for your entire business is a difficult but achievable goal with the right people, processes, and technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • Overcome the challenges facing brands in today’s digital-first shopping environment
  • The features that make compelling product detail pages and other wining digital touchpoints
  • How leading brands create deep product experiences that drive sales and protect consumer loyalty in every channel


Product content is the core of a great customer experience.

The Salsify product experience management (PXM) platform combines the power of product content management, which includes product information management and digital asset management capabilities, alongside a broad commerce ecosystem, and actionable insights — empowering brands to deliver compelling shopping experiences for consumers across every digital touchpoint.

Increase Revenue

Create and publish detailed product content that results in improved search performance and better product page conversion.

Expand Assortment

Expand Assortment

Support rapid SKU introduction by pulling from a trusted source of product content for each of your products.

Grow Market Share

Grow Market Share

Get more products into market, with better content, faster than your competition.

Speed Time to Market

Deliver accurate product content to market quickly and within the unique requirements of each sales channel.

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