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Conversational Marketing at the Point of Purchase Can Drive Better Shopping Experiences

By Cara Wood on 8:47 AM on November 8, 2018

With the rise of voice technology and chat bots, consumers now expect the ability to ask specific product questions whenever and wherever they shop. Conversational commerce allows brands to interact with customers directly during their buying journey. Shoppers can ask questions and get personal and direct response and recommendations. This immediate feedback can go a long way to nurturing long-term relationships and driving sales and loyalty.

Alibaba’s 10th Single’s Day Encourages Brands to Reach New Global Customers

By Caroline Egan on 9:38 AM on November 7, 2018

Amazon may dominated the US ecommerce market, but China’s Alibaba, the country’s most prominent ecommerce marketplace, blows Amazon out of the water with its revenue numbers. They both have days dedicated to deals and driving sales on their site, for Amazon it’s Prime Day which brought in $2.4B in 2017, for Alibaba it’s Single’s Day which brought in $25.1B in the same year. The motive behind the days are drastically different: Prime Day focuses on Amazon private label deals, whereas Alibaba works with over 180,000 Chinese and global brands. This is the main difference between the two global giants: Amazon looks to gain market share for their own brands, Alibaba does not have any private labels, making it ripe for global brands wanting to embrace new markets.

B2B Manufacturers: How to Create and Manage Content for Multiple Audiences in a Digital World

By Chris Vanasdalan on 9:31 AM on November 5, 2018

Manufacturers that sell exclusively to B2B customers face a unique set of marketing and digital content challenges. Formatting digital product content for an in-house B2C ecommerce platform is one thing, trying to manage that same content across dozens of individual retailers, distributors, or wholesalers is much more complicated.

5 Actionable Ecommerce Analytics | Salsify

By Salsify on 9:15 AM on October 30, 2018

It's not enough to have up-to-date data about your brand's performance online, you must know what to do as a result of those statistics. Here are five KPIs we recommend that can help you gauge how best to focus your efforts and keep you well ahead of your competitors on the digital shelf.

How Winning Brands are Leveraging Enhanced Content to Boost Conversions

By Maria Lisac-Ramirez on 9:35 AM on October 26, 2018

We’ve told you time and time again, when it comes to selling products online: content is king. No matter what you’re selling, consumers appreciate having more content to peruse through during their purchase journey. Things like images, bullets and reviews often are the determining factors of a product page conversion, which is why it is important for brands to create eye-catching and engaging content in order to consistently drive sales. But, is regular content enough to be successful in today’s ecommerce world?

Amazon A+ Content for Suppliers | Salsify

By Jessica Qu on 8:00 AM on October 24, 2018

Brands on Amazon have a unique option for customizing listings with their own advertising. Amazon’s A+ Content program lets you create your own marketing content for individual SKUs. A+ Content is there to help drive greater engagement and conversions. If you’re a supplier looking to use A+ Content, here’s what you need to consider. 

How to Create Short-Form Content for the Digital Consumer

By Salsify on 9:15 AM on October 23, 2018

It's integral that businesses establish a strong online presence. As consumers are spending the majority of their time online, it's becoming more essential for businesses to shift their marketing efforts to help them attract more customers online. In order for a business to harness the power of online marketing, they must understand the flow of the internet and how consumers digest information on a daily basis.

How to maximize digital impulse sales for the holidays

By Salsify on 8:20 AM on October 22, 2018

Impulse sales. The little grab-n-go goodies that flank brick and mortar checkout counters are more powerful than they seem. The average American shopper spends $5,400 on spontaneous buying each year, according to a 2018 Slickdeals.net survey. That’s over $324,000 in a lifetime.

How to Use Enhanced Product Content [VIDEO] | Salsify

By Amber Sinicrope on 8:00 AM on October 17, 2018

Enhanced content gives you freedom for brand expression that makes your products stand out, without the traditional content requirements and ownership constraints. With Salsify, create and deliver enhanced content alongside the rest of your product experience with no manual labor or complicated vendor relationships. 

Getting Started: What to Consider When Launching a DTC Site

By Salsify on 8:00 AM on October 12, 2018

A direct-to-consumer (DTC) channel can give you more control over your brand and help grow your sales. However given the labor intensive process involved it's important to set expectations and ensure you set you and your team up for success. Let's look at three key areas so you can successfully launch your brand with an improved DTC channel.


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