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    5 Best DTC Websites With Excellent Shopping Experiences

    7 minute read
    by: Sarah Olender
    5 Best DTC Websites With Excellent Shopping Experiences

    Shoppers want the seamless shopping experiences omnichannel commerce provides, prompting both legacy and emerging brands to re-think the direct-to-consumer (DTC) site experience.

    The best DTC websites leverage a wide range of engaging shopping experiences to build connections with shoppers.

    From customized and personalized products to strong brand storytelling and high-quality product content, here are some of the best examples of DTC websites and tips on how your brand could apply these examples to your DTC strategy.

    1. Califia Farms’ Recipes Inspire Home Chefs

    Milk alternatives have exploded in popularity in recent years, and the Califia Farms DTC website offers a wide range of recipes created with its range of plant-based dairy-free products.

    These recipes promote a healthy, dairy-free lifestyle — a big part of Califia Farms’ brand mission — and help shoppers engage directly with the brand.Califia Farms Recipe D2C Website ExampleImage Source: Califia Farms

    For food or beverage brands, additional content like recipes could be a helpful and entertaining way to engage shoppers. Not only does it help them widen their use of your products, but it also draws more attention to your DTC website.

    2. Vita Coco Offers Exclusive Influencer Products

    Vita Coco stands out from other plant-based drinks with its unique hydrating properties, tropical taste, and fun packaging.

    The brand has also found a unique way to promote its brand with an exclusive clothing collaboration with social media influencer Bretman Rock, with all proceeds going towards the “Vita Coco Project to support coconut farming communities in the Philippines.”

    Vita Coco D2C Website ExampleImage Source: Vita Coco

    Your brand has an opportunity to offer exclusive products on your DTC website to drive engagement. Partnering with social media influencers also helps to solidify your brand identity and drive engagement.

    3. Vera Bradley Offers Personalization

    Vera Bradley differentiates itself on its website by offering customized products. Exclusively offered on its website, shoppers can choose the product type, strap colors, print, and more — and you can even monogram their initials on the product.

    This offer isn’t available in stores, making the site an even more desirable shopping experience.

    Custom Bag Example Vera Bradley D2C Website ExamplesImage Source: Vera Bradley

    Your brand could drive engagement with customizable and personalizable products, driving demand with exclusivity.

    4. Libbey Leverages Visual Storytelling

    Glassware brand Libbey uses compelling editorial imagery on its DTC site — from tables with elaborate meals to happy people clinking their glasses together in celebration.

    The Libbey website offers more than just luxury tableware and foodservice experiences; it also helps shoppers better visualize how the products would look and function within their homes.Barware Set Libbey D2C ExampleImage Source: Libbey

    Libbey prioritizes using this "descriptive" imagery on its DTC website. This style of product content could also be leveraged successfully by other home goods brands to build up the aesthetic experience of their products and brand.


    [Case Study] How Califia Farms Grew D2C Sales by 400% With Engaging Product Content



    5. POLYWOOD Promotes Its Mission of Sustainability

    Furniture brand POLYWOOD differentiates itself by using its DTC website to highlight its sustainability mission. As a company that prides itself on using environmentally conscious materials and processes, its website leverages brand content like graphics, video, and other product content to illustrate its commitment to these practices.

    “Let’s do something meaningful for future generations,” says Doug Rassi, founder and CEO of POLYWOOD, on the website.

    Video Source: POLYWOOD YouTube

    Brand storytelling effectively highlights causes your brand supports or manufacturing processes to highlight product quality. When shoppers connect with your mission, it could help support lasting relationships with your brand.

    Inspiration Drives Innovation

    DTC websites work best when they offer a way for your consumers to engage with your brand. Whether through personalized or exclusive products or helpful recipes that leverage your products, consumers love excellent shopping experiences — and these experiences build lasting relationships for your brand.

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